Enrique Gil joins Ticket2Me as New CMO: It completes my story”

Achieving Greater Milestones for Ticket2Me’s 5th Anniversary

At 31, Enrique Gil has already achieved what many of his contemporaries could only dream of in the entertainment industry.

Besides being an actor with several blockbuster movies, Enrique has also been dubbed ‘King of the Gil,’ for being a talented dancer and singer who has performed in hundreds of concerts all around the world.

Now Enrique says he’s found a way to complete his story–by investing in tech venture Ticket2Me and joining the company as its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

“I saw Ticket2Me na kahit hindi na ako makapagsayaw o kumembot like I used to, I will still be in a position where I can give entertainment, give my fans a really, really good show. It just really completes my story,” Gil told media at a recent event hosted by Ticket2Me at Modern Table in Estancia Capitol Commons.

Enrique has taken a break from showbiz since the pandemic, admitting it was a personal decision.

“I was just tired, I guess. “Maybe because during the course of the pandemic, when everything was shut down, I was at home, I just realized, ‘Wow, ang sarap pala ng nasa bahay ka lang.’

“I lived with my dad and I realized, I was just getting older, my mom was getting old. I just missed them, I guess. I just realized that, okay, work is important but family is more important. And the time that I lost… we can’t have everything.

“I gave my whole life to the industry. Yun lang, I just felt I lost a lot of time and I just want to keep that and just enjoy it. It made me realize a lot of things of what’s more important than money and fame.”

He said, “As you guys know, I decided to step away from the entertainment industry, the limelight. Sabi ko, this is not for me anymore, gusto ko na lang nang tahimik na buhay. In those three years, you know, in the back of my mind, in my heart, something just didn’t sit right.

After a three-year showbiz hiatus, Enrique decided to go back not only resuming his job as an actor but also taking on new challenging roles.

“It started with me really wanting to give back to the entertainment industry,” said Enrique, who will also invest in the company, along with his new talent manager, Ranvel Rufino.

“So, me and Kuya talked and sabi ko, ‘I need to do something. I need to leave a legacy in the entertainment world.’

“So, we created a production company. Sabi ko, I need to create a production company so, you know, kapag kulubot na ako, when I get older, hindi na right for me to work or to perform in front of the camera, I will still be able to provide content and entertainment to all my fans, to the viewers, to everyone.

He also took another starring role as the chief marketing officer of Ticket2Me– the Philippines’ first fully digital ticketing and video platform for online and offline events. 

Enrique and his manager, Ranvel Rufino – former private banker, entrepreneur, and producer – will invest and acquire equity in Ticket2Me’s parent company in Singapore and assume executive roles within the organization. Following the investment, both Enrique and Ranvel will receive proportionate equity in the company, with Ranvel taking a seat on the company’s Board of Directors and Enrique becoming Ticket2Me’s new CMO.

Enrique aims to empower artists, creators, and performers in the entertainment industry by bringing them closer to their fans through Ticket2Me’s direct and convenient platform. “Not a lot of people know that I’ve actually been very strategic about my investments, even during the time when I was very active in the entertainment industry. For me, joining Ticket2Me is one way I can give back to Filipino fans – by connecting them directly with the artists and celebrities they love but also to help my fellow artists, performers and producers – so that they have a more efficient and a more powerful way of ticketing and monetizing their events,” Gil adds.

“Enrique’s popularity and loyal fanbase is certainly a powerful addition to the Ticket2Me brand,” shares Ticket2Me Chief Executive Officer Julie Bautista. “Being a smart investor himself, he understands the power of giving artists, creators and performers greater control over the economic model behind their shows and performances. We believe that artists should be in control of their event ticketing, not the venues.”

According to Bautista, Enrique’s addition to Ticket2Me’s management team cements their position as the leading independent event ticketing company in the country. “We have been continuously investing to improve Ticket2Me’s technology, and we want more fans to experience better, more convenient event ticketing that won’t require them to have to physically line up to redeem tickets from physical outlets or force them to choose from among very limited payment options,” she added.

As Ticket2Me marks its 5th anniversary this year, the company celebrates not only its partnership with Enrique and Ranvel but also its tremendous growth over the years. While other ticketing platforms collapsed or ceased their operations during the pandemic, Ticket2Me in 2020 flexibly repurposed itself to raise around Php 20 M for healthcare, film and theater workers, and other charities as well, demonstrating the resilience and strength of its technology and, more importantly, Ticket2Me’s values and corporate responsibility.

In 2018, Ticket2Me exceeded the Php5M sales mark just six months after the platform went live and has now surpassed the Php100M barrier, achieving Php145M topline sales as of July 2023.  To date, Ticket2Me has issued over 680,000 tickets to more than 150,000 users and has worked with over 450 organizers and producers.

During the pandemic, Ticket2Me innovated its platform by launching its streaming services, enabling producers and organizers to migrate their events, workshops and shows to the digital space and continue to monetize them. SimultaneTicket2Meously, Ticket2Me also produced the hit limited series titled “Boys Lockdown” which allowed customers to experience viewing fresh content at home without monthly subscriptions.

 will soon release the most powerful version of its platform, the product of a two-year conversation, engagement, and continuous evaluation with and by its customers. Ticket2Me’s latest iteration will not only serve the needs of organizers and ticket buyers in the country but will also equip the company for global expansion.

This year, Ticket2Me is also set to open its Series A Funding Round for a small number of qualified investors to help in the implementation of the company’s expansion plans, and the company is looking for and evaluating like-minded partners who share the company’s vision of empowering content creators and event producers both locally and internationally. 

Led by Gil and Rufino, Ticket2Me will launch also two new major projects that aim to strengthen the company’s position in the sports and music market segments: “Manila Madness,” an All-Celebrity Basketball League, and “Madness Manila,” which caters to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) enthusiasts. 

“Manila Madness” will assemble many of Gil’s and Rufino’s artist and celebrity friends in a fun and entertaining basketball tournament that fans will enjoy watching. Through “Madness Manila,” Enrique wants to share his love for EDM and live events with fans and hopes to bring back the EDM scene in the country. These events will be among the first of a series of projects that Enrique will head as Ticket2Me’s new Chief Marketing Officer.

For tickets to the latest events, visit www.ticket2me.net. More information on Ticket2Me’s limited Series A Fundraising Round is found at www.fundable.com/ticket2me-pte-ltd.

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