The Future of Intelligent EVs: SERES Redefines Luxury in the Philippines

Imagine a world where driving is not only a mode of transportation but an experience of luxury, intelligence, and sustainability. This vision is becoming a reality as SERES AUTO partners with QSJ Motors Phils., Inc. to revolutionize the Philippine automotive landscape. The introduction of SERES’ cutting-edge electric vehicles marks a significant milestone, combining advanced technology with unparalleled comfort and eco-friendliness.

Get ready to embark on a journey where innovation meets elegance, and where driving an electric vehicle is not just about getting from point A to point B, but about embracing the future of mobility.

SERES: A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Founded in 1986, SERES AUTO has been a leader in the automotive industry, particularly in the realm of new energy vehicles (NEVs). With over 20,000 employees and a strong position among China’s top 500 enterprises, SERES has distinguished itself with advanced e-powertrain technologies, including cutting-edge battery systems, electric drives, and controls.

One of the cornerstones of SERES AUTO’s philosophy is its user-centric approach and willingness to embrace change. This commitment is reflected in their innovative vehicle manufacturing processes and user experience enhancements, aiming to create a connected automotive ecosystem beneficial to all stakeholders.

Revolutionizing the Philippine Market with SERES and QSJ Motors

The partnership between SERES AUTO and QSJ Motors Phils., Inc. represents a pivotal moment for the Philippine automotive market. By combining SERES’ expertise in electric vehicle manufacturing with QSJ Motors’ robust distribution network, they are poised to introduce a range of intelligent EVs. This initiative promotes sustainable transportation solutions and supports the Philippines’ environmental goals.

Introducing the MF Platform: Redefining Safety and Versatility

At the heart of SERES’ transformation of luxury is the MF platform, which integrates top-tier safety performance, diverse powertrains, and advanced software technologies. This platform ensures a customer-centric and ultra-safe driving experience.

The MF platform sets a new standard for safety, featuring the industry’s first comprehensive safety system that addresses over 150 scenarios with more than 200 safety features and 40 leading safety technologies. This thorough approach elevates the safety standards across all SERES vehicles.

Additionally, the MF platform offers diverse power options, being the only platform in the industry compatible with range extenders, pure electric, and hybrid power forms. This flexibility allows for extensive customization across various vehicle models, from sedans to SUVs and MPVs, ensuring that a wide range of consumer needs is met efficiently.

Cutting-edge Range Extender Technology

SERES’ range extender technology is a groundbreaking innovation in their electric vehicles. It enhances the driving range by incorporating an additional generator that charges the battery when it runs low. This technology provides the convenience of electric power for city driving and the option of traditional fuel for longer trips, making SERES’ vehicles ideal for both urban commuting and long-distance travel in the Philippines.

Intelligent Manufacturing and the C.A.R.E Philosophy

SERES’ Intelligent Super Smart Factory, built to Industry 4.0 standards, boasts over 5,000 intelligent pieces of equipment, achieving 100% automation of critical processes. This factory can roll out a new vehicle every 30 seconds, showcasing its exceptional manufacturing capabilities.

To meet the growing demands of premium consumers, SERES is enhancing its service system with the C.A.R.E philosophy, which provides intelligent services to elevate the luxurious experience for users. Future plans include developing service systems, local sales companies, and constructing overseas factories to better serve global users.

Driving the Future of Intelligent Mobility

SERES is not just redefining luxury; it’s setting new benchmarks in intelligent driving. By making eco-friendly, intelligent vehicles accessible to Filipino drivers, SERES is leading the charge in automotive energy transformation. The future of driving in the Philippines is poised to be brighter, greener, and more exciting than ever.

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