The Best of K-Beauty with WDressroom

Calling all K-ARMYs, NCTzen, Wannable, Kdrama enthusiasts, and Kpop lovers out there!

WDressroom Philippines is now at SM Beauty’s The Best of K-Beauty event at the Main Atrium, SM Mall of Asia, from September 19 to 24, 2023 only.

The event highlights all K-Beauty sections and selections, from the best-selling skincare products and makeup favorites to viral must-have purchases like face masks and toners to lipsticks, cheek tints, and perfumes such as WDressroom.

Make sure to visit the WDressroom booth to experience Korea’s No. 1 Fragrance that KPOP Idols love! With over 30 scents to choose from, including fresh aqua, the whiff of blooming flowers to the sweet, fruity fragrance of strawberry, there’s always something for everyone – for every mood and most importantly for every OOTD!

They also have Jungkook’s top pick, the No. 97 April Cotton, and other fragrances featured in popular K-Dramas, available in Watsons that you would love to try. Our fragrances are 99.9% antibacterial that fights off odor, and leave you with a long-lasting, irresistible scent from day to night. It’s water-based, so you can spray it on anything – your dress, sheets, or even in your car – for a touch of fresh yet cozy embrace of WDressroom scents.

You can already smell the WDressroom scent a mile away. And once you’re here, just like that, you now smell like your favorite Oppa, and smell like an idol! Trust us, you don’t wanna miss this experience to level up your scent game and vibe with the scent of our KPOP Idols.

Share your experience and favorite scent by tagging and using the hashtags #WdressroomPh #SMBeauty. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram & TikTok for more updates. See you there, and let’s find your scent today!

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