Little is known about how Amway Global began. Its founders, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, started formulating home care products that featured concentrated formulas in the late 1950s. The reason was simple: “They are easy to demonstrate. Everyone needs them, again and again.” But another of Amway’s first decisions was to focus on innovations that made home care products clean better and yet be better for the environment, which the company continues to follow today. Its 50-year heritage is such that Amway felt the need to improve upon their introduction of cleaning enzymes to their products in the 1970s to energy-saving cleaning enzymes some 30 years later.

Research in the Philippines indicates that detergents and cleaning agents are among the biggest pollutants of water due to their high solvent content, with 2.2 million metric tons of water pollution produced annually by the domestic (48%) and industrial (15%) sectors, and the resulting annual economic losses estimated at PhP 67 billion (US$ 1.3 billion) and upward.  In its commitment to sustain life, Amway has chosen to make available to Filipinos the best in getting both clothes and the home clean through the revitalized Amway Home line. Dr. Phil Sliva, Senior Research Scientist and Chemist/Home Care Product Development for Amway, was recently in the Philippines to discuss the BioQuestTM Formula that his team has developed in such diverse products like LOC Multi-Purpose Cleaner (formerly Frisk), DISH DROPS Dishwashing Liquid, and SA8 laundry products (namely SA8 Premium Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent and SA8 Concentrated All Fabric Bleach).

Dr. Phil Silva

Dr. Sliva explained that Amway Home’s focus has always been on developing concentrated formulas. To demonstrate how effective concentrates are, he shared, “Imagine if you had a can of tomato sauce on one hand, and a same-sized can of tomato paste on the other. Which would you choose to cook spaghetti with? If you chose ‘tomato paste,’ then well and good, because tomato paste is a concentrated product which yields double when you add water to it – it’s like buying two cans of tomato sauce for the price of one!” He also explained that concentrated formulations have become an Amway hallmark widely imitated today – not bad considering it was a simple idea that supported Amway’s goal of matching customer-friendly products with the exceptional customer-friendly service provided to distributors.

Dr Sliva’s specialty is actually in developing greener formulas that work so well without harming the environment. He was very quick and only too happy to explain that even before his stint with Amway, the company has already had a legacy of sustainability: “When the LOC Multi-Purpose Cleaner was produced for the very first time under its former name, Frisk, it was made to be biodegradable – and this was in 1959, before the word ‘biodegradable’ was even used!” The creation of the BioQuestTM formula 50 years later by his team only proves that Amway Home uses natural factories, not chemical factories, to improve the LOC Multi-Purpose Cleaner and other Amway Home products by employing more ingredients derived from nature: the surfactants and cleaning agents are now predominantly coconut-based and include plant extracts like naturally-produced organic acids and natural essential oils. Using the BioQuestTM tag also entails that the high-cleaning concentrates themselves, in their entirety, have been dermatologist-tested (through repeat human insult patch testing on hundreds of people of various ethnicities to check for skin irritation) and have been examined for full formula biodegradability.

Amway Home will initially roll out four high-performance, environmentally-sensitive products for Filipino households to use and benefit from:
> LOC Multi-Purpose Cleaner (formerly Frisk) is a mild, no-rinse liquid cleanser strong enough for grease and dirt, versatile enough to clean all kinds of surfaces (even floors!), and mild enough for the hands. Best of all, it leaves no dull residue and is rapidly biodegradable.
> DISH DROPS Dishwashing Liquid is the exclusive triple action cleaner that captures grease, attacks dried-on food and fights food stain. It contains aloe vera, which is dermatologically proven to be gentle on skin, and is phosphate-free, which is proven to be gentle on the earth.
> SA8 Premium Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent has superior dissolving action even in cold water due to its Exploding Crystals Technology. It also contains a unique blend of biological enzymes, biodegradable surfactants and natural water softener to effectively remove stains and dirt.
> Finally, SA8 Concentrated All Fabric Bleach contains oxygen, making it safe for all color fast washable garments as opposed to chlorine bleach.

In a fast-emerging market like the Philippines, choosing a high-performance home care brand that is safe for the environment is the responsible choice. Amway Home concentrated products, with their biodegradable content and high solubility, seek to strike the delicate balance between unsurpassed cleaning and sustaining life.

To learn more about Amway Home, please call Amway Philippines at (02) 8148181 and email us at [email protected]. Also, visit

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