Suit up and power up with McDonald’s Iron Man 3 Meals

Tony Stark is definitely back for the much-awaited third Super Hero movie installment that everyone has been waiting for – Marvel’s Iron Man 3. Celebrate this Marvel Super Hero’s comeback and satisfy your big burger craving with McDonald’s Iron Man 3 Power Meals.
Marvel’s Iron Man 3 fans now get to feel and eat like a hero with any of the three McDonald’s Power Meals. Customers can enjoy an action-packed meal featuring their choice among any of the three McDonald’s premium 100% pure beef burgers: Big Mac Power Meal – a global iconic burger made with double beef patties, shreds of fresh lettuce, onions, pickles, creamy cheese and a unique secret sauce; Big N’ Tasty Power Meal – crunchy lettuce, pickles, fresh onions and tomato with a quarter-pound beef patty, a slice of American-style cheese and savory smokey sauce; or Quarter Pounder with Cheese Power Meal – juicy quarter-pounder patty, two slices of melty cheese, pickles, and onions with classic ketchup. All three Iron Man 3 Power Meals come with large fries and large soft drink for only P199 each.

Aside from getting a full meal, customers will also receive a limited edition Iron Man 3 poster that’s exclusively available at McDonald’s. Fans are sure to be even more excited for Marvel’s Iron Man 3 film when they collect all four jaw-dropping poster designs which feature Iron Man, War Machine and Iron Patriot.

With McDonald’s Iron Man 3 Power Meals, customers get a truly delicious and filling meal with an awesome collector’s item to keep. This is definitely a certified box-office hit for both McDonald’s and Iron Man fans, so gather the troops, head to the nearest McDonald’s and order an Iron Man 3 Power Meal now.
McDonald’s Iron Man 3 Power Meals are available until May 4 via dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, or McDelivery by dialing 86-2-36 or visiting

Marvel’s IRON MAN 3 has broken local box office records and is still showing in cinemas on  2D, Digital 3D and IMAX 3D. Show your love for Iron Man and the Iron Man 3 Power Meals over at McDonald’s Facebook fan page, or Twitter page @McDo_ph using the official hashtag #IronMan3McDo.