Star Movies hold 2nd Movie Marathon

For many movie and TV series fanatics, DVD marathons have become quite a regular weekend habit. Oftentimes you’ll even hear them brag about the number of movies they were able to watch in a single session.
But just how long can one last in front of the screen—without taking any breaks?  
Apparently, almost an entire day.
On January 26, 2012, one hundred of the most devoted movie fanatics gathered at the Newport Cinema Resorts World Manila for Star Movies’ Movie Marathon Year 2.
In an impressive display of focus, will power, and bladder control these movie buffs tried to outlast each other for 17 straight hours and eight movies for the P100,000 cash prize and the distinction of being the “Longest Movie Marathoner.”
Chosen from over 50,000 participants who joined the on-line promotion, they were glued to their seats from 7:30 am to 12:30 midnight for a non-stop screening of movies courtesy of Magnavision. Star Movies and partner sponsors provided food and beverages.
The rules were simple and non-negotiable: no standing, no talking, no sleeping, no bathroom breaks, no SMS and no taking or making calls while the films were being shown.
And as the last of the end credits rolled out, 28 participants remained standing, or in this case, firmly seated. They were  Aira Villanueva, Alexander Alvarez, Belinda Bartolome, Claire Apostol, Emmanuel Narvaez, Jamie Tan, Jericho Dapula, Joyce Kristine Banzuela, Juanito Cristobal Jr., Kimberly Falucho, Klibshella Baldazo, Kristel Iris Reyes, Leslee Manalo, Luisito Manahan Jr., Meljohn Largado, Myrtle Joy Deocampo, Pablo Cajigal Jr., Patrick Obice, Peter Mark Sempio, Potenciana Laodencio, Rakkel Baccaro, Ranier Santiago, Rennell Santos, Viktor Garry Lee, Virginia Pozon, Christian Celeridad, Joan Christine Macawili and Ellen Mae Abad.
They shared a cash prize of Php100,000, loot bags from Star Movies and other sponsors, and the shared honor of being among the “Longest Movie Marathoners.”
“The Star Movies Movie Marathon was a simple yet out of the box promotion that created a lot of buzz for the channel last year.  We held  it again since the response from our viewers was so good the first time around and of course, we wanted to find out who among them were the craziest and had the most willpower,” said  Jude Turcuato Fox International Channels VP, Philippines. 

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