Allison Harvard and Phil Younghusband for Sprinto Summer

This summer, Sprinto is claiming the season as the must have accessory with the launch of their newest brand ambassadors’– world class athlete Phil Younghusband and America’s Top Model Allison Harvard, both respective symbols of impeccable fashion and stylish athleticism.

Both were present at the Sprinto’s Countdown to Summer at SM North The Block where Sprinto held a meet and greet for both young celebs.

Phil Younghusband said of the brand, “It’s great to be part of the Sprinto family. Their styles definitely stand out and I can’t wait to try all their styles”

While Allison Harvard, arguably one of the most successful models to come from “America’s Next Top Model” shared “My eyes are a little sensitive to the sun which is why I love and adore eyewear so much. Becoming an Ambassador for Sprinto is the perfect partnership for me.”

Pawlo Misolas, Marketing Director for Sprinto shared about the brand, “We’re so excited to be bringing in Phil and Allison into the Sprinto family. Their dedication to their respective fields and their common passion for style are what made them perfect for the brand.”

Fashion barometers and gurus have already given their cues; iridescence, mesh and the terms “power pretty” and “fashion is my art” are at the forefront of summer 2014’s trends.

Fashion forward or not, summer is the perfect way for people to change their wardrobe. While entire wardrobe changes can be costly per season, accessories provide a great way to add a little bit of summer to your attire.

Allison IwearSprinto

Phil IwearSprinto Logo

Other activities of Sprinto’s Countdown to Summer included the launch of the Sprinto “Color Clash” summer campaign and a “swap your sunnies” area where mall goers could exchange any pair of shades they owned for a pair of Sprintos for free.

Sprinto also showed off some of their latest collections for summer, including the York, Maine and Oga.

Aside from those, Sprinto’s styles are wide ranging, catering to different tastes and personalities. Named after cities, some of the most popular styles include the Hawaii, Perth, Prague, Venice, Manila and the pure wood Wayfarer, Foshan.


Sprinto’s styles are wide ranging, catering to different tastes and personalities. Named after cities, some of the most popular styles include the Hanoi, Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka and Manila. The designs are literally world class, inspired by different fashion cultures across the globe.

All of Sprinto’s shades come with high quality Polycarbonate frames and contain iDefine Polarized lenses (anti-glare) which cut glare and haze allowing for greater comfort and visibility.


1519 Final


What started as a watch brand in Hong Kong has since established itself as an expert in creating fashionable quality eye wears since launching in Manila in 2002.

Sprinto offers not only top of the line quality, but beauty and practical functionality as well. Sprinto believes in bringing utmost comfort and safety to all its customers, sparing nothing less than the best colors, design and quality, while still making it unbelievably affordable.

Presently, Sprinto eye wears are available in major fashion hubs such as Manila, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Optica International Trading Corporation profile

For over 33 years, Optica International Trading Corporation has been a leader in the low-range and mid-range sunglasses industry. Countless years have been spent to deliver only the finest sunglasses in the market.

It all comes down to what our company stands for – intelligence, awareness and style. Intelligence in the way we build our sunglasses; with only the finest, durable frame material and highest quality lenses. Awareness in the way we run our company and being socially responsible with our non-profit projects. And for style, we like to let our products speak for itself.

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