SM Cinema exclusives for June

Watching movies is considered to be one of the most favorite bonding activities of people. Surely, we have all engaged in a movie marathon with our family, friends, lovers or sometimes just ourselvesat least once in our life. With over 246 cinemas and 7 IMAX Theaters nationwide, SM Cinema recognizes the importance of providing top quality cinema services to give its patrons the best movie experience possible. SM Cinexclusives is an innovative program started by SM Cinema wherein a selected number of foreign and local films are screened every month exclusively in SM Cinemas.

For the month of June, the SM Cinexclusive line up offers a series of star studded local and international films that everyone will definitely watch out for.  The much awaited thriller Side Effect which top bills A-List Hollywood stars such as Jude Law, Channing Tatum, Rooney Mara and Catherine Zeta-Jones will open on June 5. This drama thriller is about a young and highly successful New York couple Emily and Martin. When Emily was prescribed by her psychiatrist a new type of drug meant to treat anxiety, little did they know about the different positive and negative side effects of the drug on Emily. Not long enough, Emily’s behaviour has changed posing danger to the people around her especially her partner Martin.

You’re probably familiar with the famed dancing inmates of Cebu who have been lauded then and again fortheir covers of different popular dance moves by various artists.Dance of the Steelbars was inspired by true events in a Filipino prison where a retired US Fireman and philanthropist has been wrongly accused of murder resulting to his imprisonment. During his tenure in prison, he forms a bond with Mando, a convicted murderer who denies his passion for dancing to prove his masculinity and Allona, a transsexual who tries to contribute prison reforms by means of teaching his fellow inmates popular dance choreographies. Along the way, they often get caught in the middle of trying to become better individuals and being dragged towards the corrupt system in prison that hampers their determination to become better people. Frank is left to make a choice which road to take – not to speak at all in order to keep away from danger or to help his fellow inmates by revealing the truth.  Dance of the Steelbars stars Dingdong Dantes, Patrick Bergin and Ricky Davao and will officially open on June 12.

The Comedy film Gambit stars Cameron Diaz and Oscar winning actor Colin Firth. The movie is about an art curator who plans to con his abusive boss into buying a fake Monet. But to make his plan work, he needs to team up with an eccentric Texas Rodeo Queen. Gambit opens on June 18.

Hollywood’s resident hunk Ryan Gossling and his real life sweetheart Eva Mendez with another Hollywood hottie Bradley Cooper stars in the movie The Place Beyond the Pines which will screen exclusively in SM Cinemas on June 26. In order to provide for his baby with his ex-lover, a motorcycle stunt rider

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