SkyCable to launch TiVO-like device

SkyCable held a press conference today where they revealed their own version of the infamous TiVO– which you’ve probably heard a lot about from your US-based kin.

Tentatively called the  Personal Video Recorder  or PVR  (as the company is still deciding on its final name) the device lets you record TV shows onto a hard drive in digital format and  has very similar features to TiVO.  It  contains a 500GB hard drive which can record up to 135 hours of high definition (HD) videos or 217 hours of standard definition (SD)  videos– enough to record an entire season of your favorite show. The PVR also features an electronic program guide (EPG) that makes it possible for you to select which shows you want to record automatically.

PVRs also give you the ability to pause live TV, which is great for answering those perfectly-timed phone calls or calls of nature, during your favorite programs– as well as instantly replay scenes you just watched  (or play them in slow motion) while continuing to record. Ever wanted to replay Kobe Bryant’s drive to the hoop– or those celebrity slip-ups over and over?  Well now you can.

The SkyCable PVR service is currently on trial and will be commercially available by the first quarter of 2011.

Aside from the PVR, the company also announced  the lowest priced cable subscriptions rates for SkyCable Select. For as low as P280 a month subscribers can get over 20+ cable channels (aside from the free TV channels). This already includes several cartoon, lifestyle, music, and sports channels like JackTV and Balls. And with Select, subscribers can choose to add more channels for as low as P20 a month, and if you want to add or remove channels all you have to do is call SkyCable.

For those who want to experience their favorite programs in brilliant detail and clear sound, SkyCable now has eight channels available in high-definition HBO HD, Star Movies HD, FOX Crime HD for movie and US series fans; National Geographic HD, Discovery HD World and History HD for those who love documentaries, and NBA Premium TV HD and ESPN HD for sports fans.

To find out more visit or call 631-0000.

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