Greta: A ‘scentsational’ end to an outstanding year

Only a handful of actresses can compare to her timeless beauty, and even fewer could maintain such a veil of intrigue and mystery under the bright lights of show business. But after almost 20 years in the industry, Gretchen Barreto has remained a complex persona that has made her stand out from the rest. 
Her recent appearance in the hit primetime soap, Magkaribal should have made her more “familiar” to the public, yet as she made her way out of the stage during the launch of her new perfume Greta, the audience seemed awestruck—as if they had only seen her for the very first time. 

This is the same elusive appeal that emanates from Greta—a mysterious layered persona that is both luxurious yet pared back in style. 

It was evident that Barretto was trying to hold back her tears when she came out on stage. She later explained that she was just really touched by everything that has happened to her life and career during the past year. “It has been a very good year. This is the best year I’ve ever had in my whole life and I thank the Lord for all the blessings I have been receiving. So, really, really, thankful,” she said.

After the success of Magkaribal, Barretto also starred in an episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) that won her an award for Best Single Performance by an Actress at the Star Awards for TV. She likewise thanked the Anak TV awards for recognizing Magkaribal as one of the Top 20 TV Programs.

Barretto says she is ending a very successful year with the sweet scent of victory with Greta for Bench.

Bench owner Ben Chan says he’s quite surprised every time people would ask why he chose Gretchen Barretto as their next celebrity perfume endorser. “Why not Gretchen?” he says. “Gretchen and I have been friends for a long time and every time we’d meet we’ll complement each other’s perfumes,” Chan said in an interview with The Manila Times. “I tell her she smells good, and she tells me I’m smelling good, so eventually I came up with the idea to create a perfume for her,” he added.

Chan shared Barretto was so easy to work with. “She was very professional we never had any problems.” He revealed the scent was made in Paris, and that while it usually takes around six months to create a perfume, Greta took about eight months. “Gretchen knows a lot about scents and was very meticulous. She wouldn’t let it out if she thinks it wasn’t good enough.”

Barretto, meanwhile, confirmed that she had a hand in every little detail that went into the fragrance. She said her perfume was her biggest secret and was something she will never reveal so she is sharing Greta instead. 

Barretto described the scent as “something that’s on the fresh side; in the beginning, it’s a bit strong and then it settles.” She further revealed that she doesn’t like anything that’s overpowering, because she gets allergies. “The scent is called Greta because people in show business call me Greta.” 

Greta is a gentle and sophisticated fragrance that wraps the senses both in a subtle and intense way. Its top notes are sensational, sparkling and natural. It has a powerful mandarin scent in harmony with brilliant spicy accords of cardamom and coriander. The heart introduces jasmine with the spicy rhythm of nutmeg and woody-spicy cypress, which impresses with elegance and sensuality. The base uncovers notes of oak, mineral amber, and musky accords, which warm the composition, giving a delicate, luxury fragrant bottom layer. Finally, the exquisitely Victorian-inspired motif bottle seals in the curious concoction, laying claim to the complex scent inside. 

Greta EDT is priced at P348 and is now available at any Bench, Herbench, Bench Body, Superbench, and Bench To Go stores nationwide.

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