Shopee Picks: “Shiny and new” Give her Mikana Jewelry

Mikana Jewelry

For those looking for a nice gift for their special lady this Valentines you might want to check out Mikana’s Valentine’ Collection.

Beautiful, stylish, elegant, but not too pricey, Mikana is a Japanese-inspired jewelry brand that has become a hit because of its designs that fit every lifestyle.

Mikana jewelry is created from traditional crafting techniques expressed into modern designs for your everyday wear.

From curating the most shimmering designs that best reflect the spirit and personality of every #MikanaLady to creating new collections that express style and elegance in more timeless details.

Each jewelry collection are made affordable for everyone. Jewelry pieces available in 14k-18k gold, white gold and rose gold well-made to be tarnish-resist and hypoallergenic for everyday wear.

Among their featured products this love month are the Mikana 18k Gold Plated Minori Layered Pendant Necklace Accessories For Women and  Mikana 18k Gold Plated Tsuin Stud Earrings Accessories For Women

Both are 100% Original Mikana, made of Cubi Zircon Crystals and are Gold Plated. The Necklace Chain Length is approx 44cm and includes a free jewelry box!

Mikana is offering up to 79% discount this 2.2.  Buy both as a set and get up to 50pesos off, for a min spend of P700 by using the code MIKAFEB2 valid until February 2. 

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Shigetsu Eyewear

If your special someone has been working extra-long hours in front of the computer you might want to give her this Shigetsu KAGAWA Semi round Computer eyeglasses. 

This pair of eyeglasses features Anti Radiation/Bluelight lens and Metal Frame.

As we are all spending more time on screens these days, it’s more important to pay attention to the impact of blue light. Adults experience symptoms of digital eye strain after using devices for more than 2 hours and symptoms of digital eyestrain include headaches, blurry vision and dry eyes. 

Glasses that include blue-light filtering technology can help offset some of the symptoms associated with the prolonged use of digital devices.

These blue-light glasses feature lenses that limit exposure to blue light and can reduce the potential for damage to your eye and may improve symptoms of computer vision syndrome (another name for digital eye strain). Even if you don’t need a prescription, you should consider a pair of glasses with blue light blocking technology. 

Glasses with blue light filtering technology can enhance your focus and reduce eye strain, resulting in making your eyes feel less tired and improving productivity. Make sure you also take regular breaks from the screen.

This Shigetsu glasses feature a gender neutral design and each Shigetsu eyeglasses comes with its own complete eyewear package. 

Unbox your new Shigetsu specs and get all inclusive leather case, black pouch, soft wiping cloth and your Anti-Blue Light and UV400 eyeglasses.

Get your eyeglasses from the Shigetsu official store at Shopee ( as they are giving up 77% off discount on select items

Use the code SHIG22SLE to get up to 50pesos off with a minimum spend of P450 valid until FEB.02..

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Organic Skin Care

For those who are into skincare products there’s  Organic Skin Japan. Inspired by Japan’s “less is more” philosophy and their proven-effective skincare routine, Organic Skin aims to provide consumers with high quality, chemical-free, and effective products. Organic Skin gives you products that are formulated in Japan, aiding you with your skincare needs.

This Shopee 2.2 sale, check out Organic Skin official store for big discounts on their best-selling products. 

One of which is the Organic Skin Japan Intensive Whitening Underarm Kit. This complete set includes Deodorant (40ml), Cream (30ml) and Mist (60ml) and is just P310—that’s 44% off savings.

Expertly formulated in Japan. Infused with Alpha Arbutin and Vitamin C, it is clinically proven to penetrate underarm skin and intensively whiten at the cellular level in just 2 weeks!

Complete your underarm beauty regimen with a new formulated intensive whitening underarm cream. Clinically proven and dermatologist-tested. Use either the roll-on deo or deo mist at day-time and use the underarm cream at night on clean underarms.

You can also get up to P50 off for a min spend of P500 by using the code ORGAFEB50 valid until February 2, with up to 56% discount. #CelebrateSKIN

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