Sen. Trillanes called new ‘Regal baby

THERE is a new “Regal baby” in town, and he is none other than controversial Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th.
“They say the year 2011 will be a time of conflict and challenges, but also a time for change and new beginnings. We at Regal welcome the year with renewed hope in the movie industry and our beloved country. We also welcome a new member in our Regal family: Sen.
Antonio Trillanes 4th—what a handsome man he is. If you were not a soldier or a senator, I’m tempted to sign you as one of my “Regal Babies”—pwede kang artista [you could be an actor], senator,” quipped “Mother” Lily Monteverde.
The senator was the guest of honor at the Regal matriarch’s Chinese New Year celebration on Wednesday night at Imperial Suites in Quezon City.
While the press was advised not ask questions related to politics, Trillanes did not escape the curiosity of the entertainment reporters present.
When asked what advice he would give President Benigno Aquino 3rd, he replied, “My advice for the President would be to sit down and really plan or craft a vision for this country, and after that maybe we can formulate the necessary plans to actualize that vision, yun po sa palagay ko ang kulang ngayon [that is what I think is lacking today]. But I assume something is being done to address that.”
“Of course we are indebted deeply to President Aquino for his magnanimity for giving amnesty to us, despite the fact that we didn’t support him during the last elections. Say what you must about him, but he is a good man,” he said.
Monteverde said that Trillanes made a lasting impression the first time they met.
“The first time I met the senator I was impressed not by his good looks but by his sense of commitment and patriotism, that is why I supported him when he ran for public office.”
Trillanes said that he was very happy to be in the company of the wonderful people both from the entertainment industry as well as politics.
“When I met Mother Lily in 2007—I don’t [remember] for what reason—she really believed in us, [acknowledging the presence of the other Magdalo soldiers], not only during the elections, but also while we were in detention. At a time when everyone was afraid to be associated with us, her support never wavered and she showed a lot of courage in supporting our crusade. That’s why we couldn’t say no to her invitation tonight,” he added.
The senator was again put on the spot when he was asked what his agenda would be if he became president, to which the senator replied, “I think my agenda would remain the same, this country needs peace and order dahil masyado nang magulo, hindi lang sa [there is so much disorder, not only in] Mindanao but everywhere. We would not be able to enjoy our lives if we don’t have peace and I think I don’t have to be the president to push for that.”
Maybe movie-bound
Trillanes, who was identified by fellow Sen. Miriam Santiago as her most handsome colleague (other than actor-Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.), was then asked for a “sample” of his talent if he decides to join show business.
“I am already very flattered to be considered ‘movie actor material’ by Mother Lily, unfortunately, ako yata ang taong pinagkaitan [I must be the person who was denied] talent. I can’t sing dahil pumipiyok ang boses ko [because my voice cracks] and I don’t dance dahil pareho kaliwa ang dalawang paa [because I have two left feet], I think the only talent God gave me is to be a friend. I think my talent is being a good friend,” he said.
Who would he want as a leading lady? “During my time, I think it was in the 1980s, I remember, Gretchen Barretto, so . . . pero ano ho yan [but that is only]—my wife is here,” was all the senator could say.
“I would like to thank the entire entertainment industry for supporting me, for trusting me and giving me a chance to be a public servant. I can be the voice of your industry as well, and I will talk to industry leaders so that I could look for ways on how I can help you,” he added.
Monteverde’s Chinese New Year dinner was another star-studded event, attended by former Movie and Television Review and Classification Board chairmen, Armida Siguion-Reyna and Consoliza Laguardia, current chairman Grace Llamanzares Poe, broadcaster Korina Sanchez, Col. Ariel Querubin, Annabel Rama and Eddie Guttierez and their talents, Carla Abellana, as well as esteemed directors Jose Javier Reyes, Joel Lamangan and Mario J. de los Reyes.
Throughout the nigh, rumors circulated on a movie about the life of Trillanes that will be co-produced by Regal Films and TV5, whose first movie venture Rosario was received quite well by critics.
There were also whispers that Monteverde would be announcing her new position as one of the heads of the Quezon City Red Cross Chapter.
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