Sen. Legarda Applauds Angara’s Appointment as New DepEd Chief

Senator Loren Legarda extended her commendations to Senator Sonny Angara on his appointment as the new Secretary of Education. Legarda underscored Angara’s unwavering dedication and efficiency, highlighting his longstanding commitment to the needs and welfare of the Filipino youth.

Senator Angara, whose current six-year term in the Senate concludes in 2025, will be taking over the position from Vice President Sara Duterte.

“I would like to congratulate Senator Sonny Angara, our new Department of Education Secretary! With a strong educational background and significant contributions as the Commissioner of the Second Congressional Commission on Education (EDCOM 2), his leadership promises a bright future for Philippine education,” Legarda announced with enthusiasm.

Legarda further praised Angara’s diligence, stating, “Senator Sonny is one of the most hardworking and efficient senators our country has ever had.”

Both senators share a notable history, having each served as chairpersons of the influential Senate Committee on Finance, a pivotal role in determining the annual National Budget. Their shared dedication extends beyond finance, as both are ardent supporters of local arts and culture. Their efforts have led to the passage of significant legislation aimed at enhancing the cultural landscape of the Philippines.

Legarda and Angara have also been vocal advocates for improving the livelihoods of Filipinos through various legislative measures. Angara’s impact on education has been profound, with key laws such as the Ladderized Education Act, the Open Learning and Distance Education Act, and the Youth Entrepreneurship Act among his notable achievements.

“I am confident that Senator Angara will drive progress and innovation, ensuring a promising future for all Filipino students,” Legarda remarked, expressing her faith in Angara’s capabilities.

In closing, Legarda offered her heartfelt congratulations, saying, “Congratulations, Senator Sonny Angara! We wish you great success in your new role.”

Angara’s appointment marks a significant milestone for the Department of Education, with many looking forward to the advancements and reforms his leadership is expected to bring. As the nation anticipates these changes, the collective hope is that his tenure will indeed herald a new era of educational excellence in the Philippines.

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