Samsung’s Ultra High Definition TV: The Ultimate Gift this Valentine’s Day



At one time, the television was one of the most ubiquitous household appliances in the Philippines, providing entertainment to Filipinos everywhere. In the past few years, the evolution of the television has seemingly grown stale, with no novel breakthroughs in improving the viewing experience. But now, Samsung has come up with the new Samsung UHD TV F9000 in both 55-inch and 65-inch variants: a jump start into the future of television. What makes it a cut above the rest is that it offers superior picture quality, effortless upgradeability, and great design. It is the ultimate gift for the TV-viewing aficionado this Valentines.


So what exactly is UHD? It stands for Ultra-High Definition which far transcends the capabilities of Full High Definition (FHD) television sets, simply because it provides four times the resolution. That high pixel density results in better picture quality, and likewise a better viewing experience as a whole. It provides lifelike details and crisp, vibrant pictures that make the entire viewing experience that much more impactful. Once you go UHD, you can never go back to typical full HD viewing again.

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Samsung always looks to the future, making sure that all its products are made to withstand the test of time, even when further evolution is inevitable and necessary. That is why they came up with the Evolution Kit, which can be purchased separately for future upgrades on your UHD TV. All you have to do is replace the current One Connect box from your UHD TV, and its software and hardware will be updated. Simply put, the Evolution Kit ensures your UHD TV won’t be obsolete any time soon.

And lastly, the slim, metallic design of the Samsung UHD TV itself is a classic work of art. So while the hardware and software change, the sleek and exquisite craftsmanship is timeless. Its minimalistic approach emphasizes its sharp metalwork and clean cut architecture. It also minimizes cable clutter by making use of One Connect, a small board that acts as a hub for all TV connections. Thanks to this, the UHD TV’s elegant design is free from the flurry of wires you’d expect from your television set

As a whole, the Samsung UHD TV meets all of the requirements of the ultimate Valentine’s gift for the TV aficionado. It provides crisp, clear images to satisfy the senses, making for a great entertainment experience. It is fully upgradeable so it can keep improving and evolving as time progresses. And it is a piece of art in itself with its modern and elegant design, taking center stage in any living room. Whoever receives this ultimate gift will surely have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

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