RP team claims victory at Ragnarok championship, gamers gear up for Level Up! Live 2009

It was almost as sweet as the championship itself. After several attempts, the Philippines finally made it to the finals of the Ragnarok World Championships held on November 1, losing only to the formidable host team of Japan.

Witnessed by the world gaming community, seven young Filipinos showcased their might and magic against the best Ragnarok teams from all over the world to capture the first runner-up title of this year’s RWC tournament and $7,000 cash prize.
Composed of Joelson Go, Jayson Go, Mark Anderson Tan, Robert Lee, Ploy Garcia, Xavier Abaya and Rey-an Lopez, the Philippine team overwhelmed groups from Germany and the USA to secure a finals berth against the Japanese team. Japan won the culminating match against the Philippines, 3-1.

It was no easy task for the Philippine team who first had to fight off hundreds of talented teams from all over the country just to earn the right to represent the country. Their trip to Japan was just as tumultuous as their flight had to be rescheduled due to bad weather and the team arrived quite late at Yokohama the night before the competition.

Philippine team captain Joelson Go beamed, “We are grateful that we have gone this far. Though we didn’t land the top spot, we’re still proud to have put the Philippines in the online gaming map through this triumph. We’re hoping that this bit of good news will help ease the many troubles our country is going through right now.”

Yamamoto Yasuhisa, the Japanese team captain knew they were in for a tough fight against the Filipinos. “We practiced really hard knowing we might be facing the Philippine team again this year. We had a great match and we’re looking forward to RWC 2010!” Last year’s it was the Philippine squad that eliminated Japan’s bet during the first round of RWC 2008 held in Manila.

The Ragnarok World Championships is an annual online gaming tournament that gathers the most excellent Ragnarok players from from Japan, USA, Korea, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Germany, and Russia, to vie for enormous cash prizes and a prestigious international title.

“We’re very happy with the result of this year’s competition and proud of the Philippine team’s achievement. Pinoy gaming fans back home, who have religiously followed the unfolding of RWC through our social networking service) updates, are one with us in celebrating this success. The team’s victory is a testament that we, Filipinos, can succeed in whatever field we choose to enter,” says Jane Walker, CEO of Level Up! Inc., the Philippine publisher of Ragnarok Online.

Level Up! is scheduled to give the Philippine RO team a hero’s welcome before thousands of online gaming fans during its annual event, Level Up! Live 2009, on November 7 to 8 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

Nokia presents Level Up! Live 2009

This weekend, the Pinoy Online Gaming community is abuzz with excitement as Level Up! Live 2009, the country’s first and biggest online gaming event unfolds once again at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Last year, more than 20,000 people gathered at the same venue for the annual 2-day event while thousands more eagerly watched the grand gaming event as it was broadcasted online.

With eight nationwide tournaments, a cosplay competition, filmmaking, photography and art contests, this year’s event will once again showcase the superb skill and talent of its huge community. Cash, rare in-game items, real life items including Nokia mobile phones will be given away during the event. Aside from the tournaments and side event competitions, Level Up! is also set to unveil its most-awaited FPS game, the name and developer of which will only be revealed during it’s grand launch.

And if those are not enough to make every gamer giddy to go, there are also fun side activities, guild booths, exciting numbers from musicians and performers, and a slew of bands composed of Astrojuan, Gorgoro, I-ray and Kamikazee.

Event sponsors Nokia, PLDT myDSL Watchpad, Intel, Netopia, PC Express, Smart Buddy, Sandbox, Enchanted Kingdom, Nescafe 3 in 1, 711 Slurpee, No Fear, Friendster and UR 105.9 are also brewing their own surprises for Level Up! Live guests.

Level Up! Live 2009 is presented by Nokia. For more details about this exciting event, check out http://levelupgames.ph.


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