Richard stays single; Solenn remains hopeful

DESPITE four leading ladies and countless screaming admirers, Richard Gutierrez insists he’s single and still looking for the right one. 
During the press conference of his latest movie, My Valentine Girls, Gutierrez says he instead plans to celebrate love day with his fans and leading ladies. “Of course, magka-kasama kami ngayong [we will all be together on] Valentine’s for this movie. This is our gift to all our fans,” he said.
But while Gutierrez has expressed his intent on spending Valentine’s alone, one of his leading ladies in the movie remains hopeful, that he’ll change his mind.

“I’m always alone on Valentine’s Day but this time it could be different,” was the intriguing remark made by Solenn Heussaff, the woman currently being linked to the actor.

This prompted reporters to ask what the real score is between them.

“We always get asked this question every time and our answer remains the same: We’re friends,” Gutierrez said.

When pressed further, Gutie-rrez appeared a bit irked and answered; “Let’s see . . . If everybody stops asking.”

Heussaff was then asked if it’s possible for her to fall for Gutierrez. She looked at the actor for a few moments and said, “Basta never say never.”

The half-French, half-Filipina celebrity added, “You don’t really plan on who you like or whether I’m allowed to like this person. Whatever happens, happens. So, I’m not saying, ‘I’m never going to like him.’ But if we were to get into anything, it will happen over a period of time, not in an instant.”

If child co-star Jillian Ward could have her way, however, she would choose Rhian Ramos amongst Gutierrez’s other leading ladies. When asked by the press who she likes, the child star who plays Gutierrez’s little sister/cupid in the movie, picked Ramos, Heussaff and Lovi Poe in that order. As for Eugene Domingo, Jillian said she doesn’t think the two would look good together.

Her comment elicited quite a laugh among those present, to which Eugene gamely replied, “Ikaw bata ka, wala kang utang na loob! Di ba, una tayong nagkasama sa show ko? Sa Watchamakulit?”

The Metro Manila Film Fest best supporting actress then added, “Alam mo naman ang mga bata, hindi yan nagsisinungaling kaya, oo I agree.”

As for their much talked about kissing scene, Domingo says it was very different from the ones she did. “Before ako yung namimilit, ako yung sumusunggab, pero dito iba, sabi nga ni direk Chris Martinez, parang natameme ako after the scene. It’s too bad we were only able to do it in one take. He made me feel like a leading lady. After Richard, hini-hintay ko na lang si Tito Eddie [Gutierrez, Richard’s father].”

Domingo was also asked if she was willing to have Gutierrez’s babies to which she quickly replied, “Oo naman, choosy pa ba ako?”

My Valentine Girls is a trilogy that tells the story of a novelist in search for a girlfriend as he writes his next book. The movie opens February 9 in theaters nationwide.

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