Alice Dixson ‘loses her mind’

ALICE DIXSON, one of the most iconic and timeless beauties in Philippine show business makes her long-awaited return in TV5’s upcoming soap Babaeng Hampaslupa.

In a press conference at Greenbelt 1 in Makati City, Dixson revealed the experience was like going through a baptism of fire once again. “On the very first day of shooting pa lang, we already did some of the hardest scenes, she said. “It was like they forgot that I was out of showbiz for six years, so it was really very challenging.”

“Masisiraan ako ng ulo dito [I’m going to lose my mind here],” Dixson says, referring to her role in the upcoming primetime drama. “After losing her daughter and falling prey to a conspiracy against her, my character is taken to a mental institution where she stayed for five years. It’s a very interesting role, and is one of the reasons why I decided to accept the project.”

Dixson added that she also couldn’t resist being part of many firsts, both for TV5 and herself. Babaeng Hampaslupa will be the first original drama soap of TV5, the first primetime soap and the first one to have a Chinese-themed storyline. For Dixson, she says it will be the first time that she’ll be working with acclaimed actress Susan Roces and the young Alex Gonzaga.

The actress also welcomed the opportunity to work with director Eric Quizon, who used to be her leading man, as well as at director Joyce Bernal. “I’m expecting a lot of fun in Babaeng Hampaslupa. I know it’s going to take a lot of hard work but I also know that I’m in good hands because I’ll be working with the best directors and creative team,” she says.

Prior to the press conference, Dixson had just signed a contract with TV5 and was welcomed by the network’s management as the newest Kapatid Star.

“Even before, we have been telling her that there’s a project waiting for her in TV5. We’re very happy that she’s now a Kapatid,” said Perci Intalan, head of Creative and Entertainment Production.

For her part Dixson said it was an opportunity to come back and do a really big teleserye.

“I guess you could call it good timing. I was looking for a project and Perci [Intalan] told me that there was something waiting for me if I was really serious on coming back. My mom also told me that she wanted to go home to the Philippines so it made my decision easier,” she quipped.

Dixson also dismissed rumors that she and graphic artist husband Ronnie Miranda, have separated. “I have his blessings to come home and act again. “I love my husband and we have a strong relationship.

“Even though we’re going to be separated for a few months he knows my desire to return to acting, as well as my family’s situation. My mom’s in her older years now and I want to spend quality time with her. He is very understanding and that is one of the reasons I married him,” she explained.

During her time in Canada, Dixson says she worked in the real estate industry. Asked how long she plans stay in the country, Dixson answered “I think as long as people want to watch me and if there are good offers, I’ll be here.”

Babaeng Hampaslupa, premieres in February and stars, Alwyn Uytingco, Matin Escudero, Jay Manalo, Freddie Webb, Bing Loyzaga, Celso Ad Castillo, Karel Marquez, Diane Medina, Susan Africa, Vandolph and Jenny Quizon.

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