repostED beginnings

this was actually my first blog entry way back friendster days, (di pa uso FB nun) im just updating  because it got a lot of comments and tinatamad na din ako gumawa ulit ng intro 🙂 

i never liked writing.

there i said it.

in fact, I hate writing. but for the past 12 years, writing was the only thing i best was ever good at, at least that’s what i tell myself, and some other people who were not so busy enough to actually read my stuff.

I never actually planned to be a writer, i took business adminstration in college, hoping na i would have my own business or at least help with the family business pero eto up till now i’m still writing… not as much as before, but still writing.

writing paid the bills, put some money in my bank account and enabled me to collect my precious toys. dahil din sa pagsusulat nagkaroon ako ng girlfriend, ka fling, at ka-complicated.  up to now sa current job ko, kung di lang cguro nila nalaman na writer ako eh baka di din ako nirespeto.

still i hate writing.

just like other writers i need inspiration bago makapagsulat, yng iba nkakapagsulat kapag masaya, o malungkot, in love, nakaiskor, o kung ano png feeling bago simulang ilapat a bolpen sa papel o hatawin ang keyboard.  ako? nakakapagsulat lang ako ng matino kapag either inlove ako or galit.  i believe my best works are during those times na in love ako, problema nga lang tatlong beses lng ako nainlove. Si A, si D, si J, at si A. teka Apat pla.. pero wala pang four hours ko naramdaman yung panghuli, dahil as soon as nasabi kong mahal ko sya na dinedma na ako…

UPDATE! Would you believe na after two years nadagdagan pa ng isa? Siya si K, pero she deserves an entire entry dahil it was a pretty interesting relationship to say the least.

kaya nga lang ang baduy ko naman at ang drama kapag inlove ako.  yun tipong love quote ang simula ng article at galing naman sa hallmark card ang ending.  

which brings us to galit.  kapag galit naman ako mabilis ako makaisip ng isusulat, kaya lng nga dahil png bata ang isinusulat ko– videogames, di ko naman ma-express yng feeling ko.

kaya ko naisipan magblog. i was actually planning to start one a long time ago kya lang di naman ako inlove… so why start now?

nope hindi ako inlove.

go figure.

welcome to my blog.

unlike other blogs i wont just be chronicling my life (unless mainlove ulit ako), but the  lives of people around me.  yep ikaw na nagbabasa nito at ksama sa friends list ko, pero before you think of deleting me on your list isipin mo muna: “what if ako topic ni ed for the day?”

it was originally supposed to be entitled edz factNfiction (kaya lang di na available) coz writer ako and if theres one thing i’ve learned only 50% of what is written is true.  so its up to you to decide and tell me if you think my story for the day is true or not.  🙂

so get some coffee, sit down, and pray you are not my topic for today. its going to be one hell of a blog and hopefully not at your expense.

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