According to the word procrastinatED came from Latin procrastinatum, past participle of procrastino (defer) < pro (in favor of) + crastinus (of or belonging to tomorrow) < cras (tomorrow) meaning to put off; to delay taking action; to wait until later. sa madaling salita, tinamad. i just realized it’s been almost a year since i first made that blog entry, and despite receiving a lot of comments from friends saying that they’re going to be keeping an eye on my blog (natatakot siguro matsismis), sadly, like all my other endeavors na di pagkakaperahan nanaig ang “katam” at di ko na naituloy. pero that’s in the past -procrastinatED– kya nga may pangalan ko sa dulo “ED” (just in case di pa tayo friends at nakikibasa ka lang.) parang waitED, hopED, wishED, yearnED, finishED. tapos na. kumbaga sa pag-ibig EX. ewan ko ba, pero ngayon ko lang narealize na napakahilig ko pala sa past, cguro its because i remember just how simple things were back then or maybe because ang hilig ko mangolekta ng sulat, memorabilia at kung ano ano pang memorabilia (basura daw sabi ng tatay ko) na kinain naman ng anay sa cabinet ko. remembering. jan daw ako magaling. hindi nga lang about historical facts and oftentimes the things i remember are those worth forgetting. yung tipong gusto mong ibaon sa limot and just pretend it never happened, yun ang naalala ko. i remember being in love with hate during the time i decided to write that entry.  in love with someone i knew di naman pwede (babae siya dont worry) and hating myself for feeling that way coz i knew what the outcome would be in the end– bastED (but that’s another story). this time hopefully even without the inspiration and desperation of being in love eh magkaroon ng laman ang utak ko para maging weekly at di yearly 🙂 ang entries ko. so will i still write about YOU? why should i? well, why shouldn’t i? the problem is who do i start with? hhmmm… any volunteers? suggestions? alphabetical kaya or in order of appearance sa buhay ko 🙂 sometimes kase it’s kind of uplifting to read, hear, or learn how other people look at you.
…pero bukas ko na sisimulan, tinatamad na ko eh. Promise 🙂

repostED beginnings