Reflections: Exercising your faith while in quarantine

Holy Week reminds us to step up and strengthen the faith through simple acts of kindness, love and purposeful reflection. But since the enhanced community quarantine all outdoor activities have stopped, and our fast-paced lives were pushed to pause and families are forced to stay inside their homes.

Let’s use this time together as a heartwarming period to take a break and reflect as the world continuously battle the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here are some ways to actively exercise your faith and be the source of light in your home and community during the holy week: 

  1. Invite your family to come together for an online mass or service. During these unprecedented times, our families are called to love and unite together in faith. Online mass and services are now being done through live streaming on different social media channels. You may check out your church’s social media pages for updates and schedules. 
  2. Create a reflection guide. You can schedule a list of Bible scriptures, inspirational podcasts, faith-inspired music playlist, and spiritual books that you would read or listen to every day. This Holy Week, help yourself readjust your focus and don’t forget to write down your points of reflection for each day. 
  3. Practice daily gratitude. Count your blessings and invite your family to come up with a daily gratitude project. While in quarantine, reflect on the blessings that you have at home and the things that you realized are unnecessary in your lives. Listen to one another and you will find how simple life can be!
  4. Share your blessings. Now that you’ve counted your blessings, it’s time to recognize that there’s no better way to enjoy them than by sharing them to others. There are many ways to help others, especially the COVID-19 frontliners. Simple gestures such as being generous to the delivery servicemen, sending motivational e-mail letters to the health workers, and sending donations to the communities in need are forms of kindness that can help change lives. 
  5. Be kind. Home quarantine doesn’t mean that we stop our social interactions. Show kindness to your family by being responsible at home and helping out in the household chores. Go and reach out to your friends and relatives who might need someone to talk to and help them brighten up their days. Give them a call and send them inspiring videos to watch.  Be kind to yourself and to the people you interact with online. It’s easy to get distracted and upset with all the news and social media posts that we see online. Spread the love and see the breathtaking amount of good things happening in the world. 

This Holy Week, #StayHome to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep your family safe and connected. With PLDT Home Fibr, you can enjoy reliable and unlimited access to the Internet that enables you to conveniently stream online mass and keep in touch with your friends and community. Visit for details.  

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