Redfox unveils redhot lineup

With notebooks and PCs becoming both a necessity and an accessory for today’s digital lifestyle, choosing the right one for you could prove to be a confusingly harrowing experience. Even though you might have a fairly good idea of the specs you want, it will still come down to the most important factor of all—“price.”

That is the motivation behind the recent launch of RedFox’s complete product lineup, to provide users with the most capable and affordable computers.

For gamers, RedFox’s introduces the all-new RedFox Optima that incorporates an AMD Turion Ultra X2 Dual-Core processor. The AMD powered notebook gaming series offers the ultimate balance between power and portability. This notebook might be one of the biggest among the RedFox Optima Series; but since it is equipped with an ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics, it is fully capable of producing high-resolution graphics to give a clearer and high pixilated contrast on its 15.4’ widescreen WXGA display. It also has 2GB 800MHz DDR2 Memory, 320GB SATA Hard Disk Drive, a DVD Writer, and an Integrated webcam. According to RedFox CEO, Andy Te, the Optima Gaming Notebook reflects the brands vision of providing an integrated and high-speed mobile computing device as a primary standard.

For those looking for slim and light notebooks, there’s the Razor XR116 and Razor XR133. Combining exceptionally low power consumption and thermal density with enhanced performance features for all the most popular productivity and digital media applications, these notebooks have been specifically designed for the rapidly emerging new generation of mainstream and ultra-portable slim and light notebooks that enable the simple mobile lifestyle. The RedFox Razor Notebook Series further expands the boundaries of mobile computing by adding an unprecedented level of freedom and convenience for people wishing to connect to the growing number of global wireless hotspots. These slim and light units likewise integrate Intel’s Mobile Technology, the Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Technology—a mobile solution that lets you stay connected when you’re on-the-go and the Intel Dual Core Mobile Technology—a mobile technology helps you enjoy extended wireless mobility, with new features that let you connect to most available industry standards-based networks and let you determine how dynamically your laptop will roam to a new access point.

Thin-and-light notebook PCs historically had relatively low graphics performance in order to adhere to the low power and thermal requirements required in smaller notebooks. However, these notebooks uses the Intel Graphics GMA 4500MHD to deliver excellent performance per watt, enhancing video playback and accelerating 3D applications within the low power and thermal budgets required for compact notebooks. Durable, affordable, lightweight design and cutting-edge processing power, these simplify the computing environment and allow customers to evolve their computing needs at their own pace.

Finally, RedFox likewise introduced its high-performance notebooks that are now powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Processor. The Windows 7-capable units merges notebook convenience with desktop power, delivering an outstanding multimedia experience. “The Intel Core 2 Duo processor ushers in a new era of multi-core processors based on Intel Core Micro architecture, delivering unparalleled performance and power efficiency,” said Francis Karamihan, product management head for RedFox. “By incorporating the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, RedFox will be able to provide customers with the most advanced computing technology with the latest features.”

“Performance, battery life and reliability are among the top three requirements for mobile computer users,” said Michael Mondragon, vice president for sales and marketing of RedFox. “The RedFox line of notebooks is renowned for reliability, and the unprecedented power and energy efficiency of the Intel Core 2 Duo provides us with the opportunity to improve both performance and battery life, which will make our notebooks the clear choice for today’s mobile lifestyle.”

Do more at once and push your laptop and your potential to the limits with its multitasking capabilities. With an Intel mobile dual-core processor-based laptop, you can simultaneously run demanding applications—such as CAD, 3D modeling and serious number-crunching programs—while running security and virus protections in the background.

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Gameloft to be bigger in 2010
Gameloft continued to be among the top mobile game developers in 2009 achieving consolidated sales of +122.0 million, up by 11 percent from the previous year. On a comparable exchange rate basis, growth in 2009 reached 10. Europe represented 39 percent of full-year sales in 2009, North America 32 percent and the rest of the world 29 percent. Mobile games accounted for 94 percent of the company’s sales in 2009. The remaining 6 percent are related to consoles game sales. Gameloft’s mobile gaming activity continued to show solid growth in 2009. Full-year revenues from this segment grew by 12 percent because of the huge success of Gameloft games on Apple’s App Store. In the last quarter of 2009, iPhone revenues for the company reached +7.0 million, up 115 percent, significantly exceeding initial expectations of +4.4 million. The company is expecting further growth in 2010 in terms of revenue and profitability. In the long term, Gameloft is in an ideal position to benefit from the rapid emergence of digitally distributed video games on mobile phones, tablets, consoles and from major technological innovations brought to the market by companies such as Apple, Palm, Nokia and Google.



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