RAGNAROK Championships rock SkyDome

On Friday, the entire world of Midgard stood still as its best warriors converged at the SM North Edsa Skydome—to put up or shut up—and be hailed as the ultimate champions of Ragnarok.
After months of fierce and oftentimes controversial tournaments, the nation’s finest Ragnarok players collided in the ultimate final battle for the Ragnarok Philippine Championships (RPC) 2009.
Thousands bore witness to a tremendous display of gaming prowess among the guild finalists, which had to undergo months—or even years of training and perfecting their attacks.

Each of the RPC team finalists was carefully selected: 4 teams won the RPC server battles: New Chaos: Team Coerce, Valhalla: Team Finest, Valkyrie: Team Devour, and Sakray: Team Coerce; 1 team was voted by players in the Ultimate Wildcard: Team Reunited; 1 team for the Gods of Battlegrounds: Team Bitzbox; and the final 2 teams came from the Regional tournaments: Team El Cuerpo (north) and Team Influenza (South).

“Now is an exciting time for all Ragnarok players,” said Ryan Sacares, Level Up! Brand Manager for Ragnarok Online Philippines. “After many months of extensive tournaments held all throughout the Philippines as well as in Ragnarok’s local servers, all teams needed to fill the elite RPC slots have all finally been taken. All teams have their own humble beginnings, eight of them have earned their respective titles, but only one of them will ultimately end up as RPC 2009’s Champion.”

The Philippine champs, however, will not have the luxury of relishing their victory for long as they will have to prepare for their date with destiny on November 1, 2009, as they face the world’s finest guilds in Japan for the Ragnarok World Championships 2009.

Five years ago, Level Up!, the pioneer online gaming publisher in the Philippines, gave hundreds of
Filipino gamers their first online gaming tournament in the country—the Ragnarok Philippine
Championships (RPC) 2004. Since then, the RPC tournament has garnered, selected, and crowned a great number of the nation’s best Ragnarok Online players, and it has grown to be one of the most anticipated and successful online gaming events every year.

Indeed, the Ragnarok Philippine Championships have come a long way since its debut five years ago. Players who have either joined or attended at least one the tournaments would find that the experience is unforgettable, while others would even find it life-changing.

When last year’s Ragnarok World Championships was held in the Philippines during the Level Up! Live 2008 event, it had raised another benchmark in presenting Filipino gamers with a world-class online gaming experience. And due to Ragnarok’s series of monumental achievements, there’s no stopping this year’s virtual warriors from continuing to shine with their best and aspire for the championship crown of the Ragnarok Philippine Championships 2009.

“Once we hold this year’s RPC tournament, it’ll add another milestone to Ragnarok’s history,” stated Ryan Sacares. “And I’m glad to be a part of its history and be among the players who helped shape it. It is my honor to be able to continue this legacy of helping bring the greatest online gaming experience to Filipino gamers today,” added Sacares.

For more details, please visit the official Philippine Ragnarok Online website at www.ragnarok.ph
Check out next week for the complete coverage and the winners of RPC 09.

Episode XIX

Alongside the Ragnarok Philippine Championships was the launch of “Ash Vacuum” Ragnarok’s 19th episode.

Long ago, the evil Satan Morroc wrought chaos and destruction in Rune-Midgard. But he was ultimately defeated by the Heroes of the World, forcing him to flee before his life was snuffed out.
Now, fear of his return lingers throughout the lands. Aware of the inevitable, warriors of Rune-Midgard plan to invade Satan Morroc’s domain by going through the Inter-dimensional Rift—the same gateway responsible for Satan Morroc’s passage. Eager adventurers extend their campaigns to an unknown place, which they call “Ash Vacuum,” where a whole new adventure awaits those brave enough to enter it and finally destroy the threat of Satan Morroc.

Explore Ash Vacuum and take on new godly item quests such as the Fallacious Okolnir and obtain new godly items such as Asprika and Brynhild. This Quest is available to Guild Masters who own an
Agit at Valfreyja and Nidhoggur, in Rachel and Juno respectively. In order to access this Quest, one’s agit must have the following: LV 60 Economy LV 40 Defense. Only Guild Masters of Valfreyja Agits can create an Asprika, and only Guild Masters of Nidhoggur can create a Brynhild. To access Okolnir, the Guild Master must talk to the Guide located inside each Agits, within their Facility Area.

The Okolnir Dungeon is heavily Guild-oriented, it is advised to have at least 16 to 20 Members ready for the Quest.

When Okolnir is accessed, you will be given a total of one hour to complete it. Failing to complete the dungeon within the allotted time will lock access for you, and you would have to wait 12 hours before you can access the dungeon again.

The Krieger Von Midgard (a.k.a KVM) Battlefield is the newest addition to Ragnarok Online’s Battlegrounds Feature, which offers five versus five, player versus player match against opposing teams. To begin a KVM Match, you must gather five players for the team you will be participating with. Team Guillaume located to the northeast, and Team Croix located to the south east of the Battlegrounds Waiting Room.

Each KVM Battlefield will be divided into Three Sections depending on player level: LV 59 Below; LV 60-79 And LV 80 Above. Once all five members of both Teams are filled up in the NPC Chatroom, the Battle will commence. Each Team will be given enough preparation time before the actual fight starts. Both teams will be located in their Waiting Zone, until the preparation time is over. Teams will start with Points according to how many Team Members are still alive during the fight. Points will decrease upon a Team members death. The goal of the match is to eliminate the opposing Teams Members, while keeping most of your members alive. When a team member dies, they will be transported back to their respective teams Waiting Zone; until a Team Wins/Loses, or until the Time limit is over. Talking to the NPC will award you your KVM Points (Krieger Points) which will vary depending on the Battlefield Level, and Success/Failure. Once you have gathered enough KVM Points (Krieger Points) you can turn them over to the KVM Logistics Officer, in exchange for powerful KVM PvP Equipments.
Finally, episode XIX likewise introduces a New Skill Interface that will help players designate their skills properly. You will be able to see every available skill to your Job Class, and see their skill prerequisites. You will also have to confirm every addition to your Skills. No more mis-clicks ever.

X-Play initiates Operation 7