Protect What Matters: BDO Life’s Affordable Insurance Solutions

A recent market study by BDO Life Assurance Company, Inc. revealed that 47% of respondents prioritize daily living expenses.

However, 49% expressed a strong desire to acquire life insurance for protection against sickness and health issues, while 41% are concerned about coverage for accidents, disability, and death.

Understanding Life Insurance Costs

Start your Plan B Journey with BDO Life. BDO Life recently launched an online tool, Get A Quote (GAQ), to enable Filipinos to get a computation for a personalized insurance plan. Get a quote now by visiting

Filipinos should not let uncertainty about life insurance costs prevent them from getting the necessary coverage. BDO Life has introduced “Get A Quote” (GAQ), an online tool that provides a personalized insurance plan computation and explains the benefits of life insurance.

Using BDO Life’s Get A Quote

1. Visit the Website: Go to [BDO Life’s website] and click on “Get a Quote” to explore insurance solutions tailored to your financial priorities.

2. Specify Your Budget: Enter an amount you can comfortably afford to instantly receive a quote for a customized insurance plan for yourself or your loved ones.

3. Connect with an Advisor: Once ready to speak to a BDO Life Financial Advisor, indicate your preferred mode of communication (in-person or virtual) and your location.

Get a quote now by visiting []

Existing policyholders can manage their policies through the BDO Life customer portal.

Simply log in to the portal at [] using your BDO Online App login information.

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