Find your “Solemate” in Praiaz

People say  Life’s a Beach, so its best to wear something comfortable.

From the concrete chic streets of Paris and the party-filled roads of Rio de Janeiro to the islands of the Philippines comes Praiaz, an ingenious new lifestyle brand brought to the Philippines by Terry S. A. (TSA) the same peeps who introduced us to  Havaianas and Ben Simon.


Praiaz was a concept born out of the desire to marry the elements of Rio de Janeiro’s laid-back and chill living with Paris’ superiority in style.

Extreme lightness and comfort come with these pairs of covetable soles while promising compatibility with all kinds of terrain. Whether it is the rocks, the sand or the streets you want to hit, Praiaz takes away the hassle of having to match your footwear with your activity. As if begging you to take it anywhere, owning a pair of these beauties guarantee you an expression of your personal style taken to a whole new level of cool.

Made from the same material as that of the soles of running shoes, cushioned comfort is on the top of the list of the pros of this footwear.

Stop and smell the flowers? Why dont you stop and take a whiff of the coconut and vanilla infused pair of Praiaz! No more smelly shoes!



It is also dirt proof so its easy to rinse and clean.waterproof and buoyant, and of course, absolutely breathable. It comes in an array of styles fit for every personality that make it the best go-to shoe for all your day-to-day needs.

Morning runs with the ocean breeze uplifting the soul, strolls on the beach under the warmth of the sun, a cocktail or two at your favorite bistro and night time walks together with the twinkling stars—don’t you just wish you could do all these and more without worrying about the steps you will take? A journey as colorful and as vibrant as this deserves a fitting partner, a partner that will take you through it all.

Praiaz together with TSA’s Anne Gonzalez, brought the brand to Manila to encourage the philosophy of living the beach life—relaxed, free-spirited, without limitations and always fun!

“Apparently, there’s been a lot of movement of a lot of Parisians to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to be specific, for a change of lifestyle — from the concrete and all the gray of Paris to Rio with all the sunshine and beaches. If you’re Brazilian and you live in Rio, you’re called a Carioca. On the other hand, a person who wears Praiaz is a Parioca or someone who’s sophisticated and lives the urban lifestyle. If you’re a Parioca, you’re chic, sophisticated, but you also know how to let loose and enjoy,” Anne Gonzales told media during the laid back launch event held at the Alpha Club in Makati.

“Since the Philippines is an island country and we love going to the beach all year round, we think a lot of people will appreciate not having to bring several pairs of shoes on their travels.”

“It’s about keeping cool, taking it easy, and having fun even as you go about the humdrum of day-to-day living. You can live the beach life, but the mind set is you can still be casual in the city.”PRAIAZ (85)

Gonzales feels the new brand will complement their Havaianas’ line, “We do find customers who find Havaianas super comfortable, but when they travel, they need a closed shoe — but they want the ease of wearing something comfortable, the material is PVA; if it gets wet, you can dry it easily. Some people prefer something closed but still comfortable, which is exactly what Praiaz is.”

Praiaz comes in several different styles such as the Bonita, Bonito and Sarado, with a lot of color combinations that  will fit any  and every personality making it the to-go shoe for people’s day-to-day needs.

The brand is available in 14 doors this year, including some of the freshest online stores in the country and with even more in the horizon.

Since summer is just around the corner and Filipinos, especially those who are in the peak of their careers, are slowly emerging into adventure seekers who are always on the prowl to quench their wanderlust thirst, Praiaz could be the perfect travel buddy. So why not take your feet from the beach to the bar and beyond with your very own pair? Take home a Bonito, Bonita, and Sarado (Php 1,995) in the following stores and outlets nationwide: Aloha Boardsports in Rockwell, ATC, SM Megamall, SM MOA and Trinoma, Oceanfront in Festival Mall, Common Thread in Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Department Store in EDSA Shangri-La and ATC, The Flatshop in Eastwood, Shangri-La Boracay.

All smiles: Thanks to the gorgeous people of Bridges for inviting me to be part of the Praiaz event 😀


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