Pilipinas Got Copycat Talent

As you might have heard (and as i predicted from the very start) Jovit Baldivino is the winner of Pilipinas Got Talent.

Baldivino edged out 11 other finalists that included several other singers, a magician, an acrobatic quartet (who Kris said will be performing at P-Noy’s inauguration) a dance troupe, a young girl who can play several instruments, and a ventriloquist (who badly needed a script writer).

Now, i have nothing against Jovit, and i do agree that he is quite a good singer. But was he the most talented?

I don’t think so.

But i do believe he was definitely the best attraction.

Baldivino first gained recognition (and eventually won) because he sounded like Arnel Pineda, who we all know became famous for also sounding just like Journey’s original vocalist.

So in a show that was supposed to discover the most talented Filipino, majority voted for a copycat of a copycat singer.

Shouldn’t there be at least some plus points for originality?

Well, what do you expect from a show that itself is a copy of Talentadong Pinoy. It might have been a syndicated show from the US, but Talentado came in first and started this talent show frenzy.

I also felt that everything came off as a bit too staged and Pilipinas Got Talent eventually became just another artista search–  like all of the so-called reality shows that we have.

Proof was Kris Aquino asking Jovit whether he preferred to do a telenobela with Sarah Geronimo, join ASAP or host WoWowee. Shouldn’t they be telling the audience to watch out for his album first BECAUSE HE WAS A SINGER?

Is it because they already realized that Jovit’s voice was a bit limited to the songs that had hoarse vocals? And if he did make an album, he might just end up as a younger version of Renz Verano.

So why did Jovit win? (aside from the fact that he got the most number of votes, obviously) maybe it was because he was groomed and promoted to win. The lack of better singers in the finals was obvious, and besides, Jovit was definitely the easiest to market as the next star compared to the other two finalists.. The Velasco brothers had four members which meant that they had to eventually negotiate with four separate minds, same goes for the Baguio Metamorphosis which had even more members in the group. 

In the end the show proved that Filipinos definitely Got Talent. It’s ORIGINALITY that we desperately lack.

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