PHusion: A Global Tapestry of Interior Design at PSID’s Exhibit

The art of interior design is a dance between space, form, and culture. And no place exemplifies this better than the Philippine School of Interior Design’s (PSID) latest exhibit, “PHusion.”

Held at the Greenfield Tower in Mandaluyong City from October 1 to 31, “PHusion” is more than just an exhibit—it’s an immersive journey through the seamless amalgamation of Filipino culture with global influences. It’s an audacious showcase where traditional meets contemporary, where the Philippines tangos with Egypt, and where Manila embraces Hollywood.

Here are some of the captivating spaces that promise to transport visitors:

PH x Egypt booth “Ikaw at Ako” by Janiz Karen Adlawan, Katrin Miriel Araja, Katrina Marie Balkin, Nicole Mercado, Joana Mannel Lipana

1. Walk like an Egyptian: “Ikaw at Ako” melds the magnificence of Egyptian artistry with the soul of Filipino living spaces. Notably, the living room features an art piece that intertwines hieroglyphics and baybayin writings, giving a sentiment of unity and timelessness.

PH x South Africa booth “Bahay Ubuntu” by Maria Cheska Luisa Mendoza, Ayessa Chloe Carpio, Sofia Raphaelle Pascual, Sophia Chelsea Yling
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2. Warmth of South Africa: The “Bahay Ubuntu” dining space pays homage to Filipino and South African heritage, weaving tribal aesthetics with handcrafted details to narrate tales of a shared past.

PH x America booth “Fillenium” by Ma. Stella Bagro, Romeo Gabriel Conge, Rovina Angelica Manuel, Rosana Bandola

3. Hollywood Elegance: The “Fillenium” kitchen space, draped in vibrant colors and opulent gold accents, reflects the glamorous Hollywood Regency style fused with traditional Filipino elegance.

PH x France booth “L’amour du Monde Entier” by Alma Marie Lagman, Kristin Dominique Ramos, Bettina Sophia Ejercito, Mary Rose Glovelle Palileo

4. French Sophistication: The “L’amour du Monde Entier” living room weds French grandeur with Filipino craftsmanship, showcasing the versatility of capiz, solihiya, and wood with reflective French motifs.

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PH x Brazil booth “A Diversão” by Chey De Guzman, Irish Monique Cube, Reichel Alessandra Baytan

5. Brazilian Rhythms: “A Diversão” is an entertainment paradise, blending the carnival-like atmosphere of Brazil with the rooted nuances of Filipino culture.

PH x Italy booth “Semantiӄa” by Jana Loise Cruz, Jeynna Francesa Meria, Sophia Denise Ignacio

6. Rustic Italian Grace: “Semantika” captures the essence of rustic Tuscany paired with the rich tapestry of Filipino Inabel fabric, reflecting unity in diversity.

PH x Scandinavia booth “Lagom” by Maria Beatriz San Luis Gutierrez, Stephen Michael Chan, Carl Lois Mico, Nicolette Lee

7. Balanced Scandinavian Simplicity: “Lagom” dining space interprets the Swedish “just right” philosophy, harmoniously pairing iconic Scandinavian designs with intricate Filipino elements.

PH x U.K. booth “A bachelor’s tavern” by Marielle Marzan, Regine Calupitan, Hannah Izabella Galanto, Ailene Cariño

8. Quintessential British Pub: “A bachelor’s tavern” is a modern English kitchen adorned with Filipino and art deco touches, striking a balance between tradition and modernity.

PH x Nicaragua booth “Relajarse” by Andrea Maureen V. Severino

9. Nicaraguan Serenity: “Relajarse” bathroom creates an oasis that links Filipino artistry with Nicaragua’s golden history.

PH x Australia booth “Yakka” by Franchesca Eunice Co, Reina Kristina Sempio, Kharen Charmaine Urbano, Maria Katrina Challoy

10. Aussie Landscape: “Yakka” workspace, inspired by the Australian landscape, utilizes durable materials reminiscent of both countries’ rich terrains.

PH x Japan booth “Pitokaja” by Joan Dominique Vinco, Kaila Patricia Caido, Victor Jay Flores, Sophia Isabelle Serrano

11. Japanese Minimalism: The “Pitokaja” bedroom fuses the Japanese symbolism of growth with the natural splendor of Filipino materials.

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PH x Persia booth “Kanlungan” by Sheina Rose Gina, Karen Cabalquinto, Isobel Merici Dator, Erica Leona Chua

12. Persian Intricacy: “Kanlungan” masterfully weaves the vibrancy of Persian art with the earthy palette of Filipino design.

Each booth, a testimony to the students’ unparalleled creativity and dedication, showcases the power of cross-cultural collaboration. The exhibit offers an intimate look at how celebrating diversity can birth innovative and poignant interior designs.

PSID’s “PHusion” doesn’t just mark the culmination of the academic journey for its students; it’s a testament to the global language of design. Sponsored by an array of esteemed partners, including Boysen, Genteel Home, and La Europa Ceramica, the exhibition underscores the importance of unity, understanding, and innovation.

In a world striving for connection, “PHusion” serves as a beacon, illuminating the path forward for the interior design community and enthusiasts worldwide. Dive in, explore, and revel in the tapestry of global design!

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