OP7 and the Ondoy Predicament

As I waded through waist deep floodwater with two of my officemates, there was one nagging question in my mind—“Was it worth it?” It was the launch of a new online first person shooter called Operation 7 or OP7. The event was held at the SM North-Edsa Cyberzone and was hosted by X-Play, the joint venture between E-games and GMA New Media, so there was no doubt that this was going to be a memorable one. The event might not have been the grandest (although another launch party is being set) but the day itself certainly proved to be quite unforgettable. A warning had already been issued for Typhoon Ondoy earlier, but in a country where typhoons are as common as the political ads hanging from electrical wires, these warnings have lost its sense of urgency.


Developed by Korean game development company Mgame, OP7 is the latest MMOFPS (massively multiplayer online first person shooter game). Compared to the recent crop of MMOFPS, OP7 thrives to provide the most realistic ballistic physics, and offers an incredible variety of gun and avatar customizations and maps based on real world-renowned locales.

In an interview with OP7 Product Manager Sonny Carlos, he said the company was looking for a casual game that would provide gamers an alternative FPS game. Following the tried and tested formula of successful first person shooters, OP7 gives online players a lot of great gaming features, such as the gun customization options. Guns can be modified in the game, offering a wide selection of parts, such as Dot Sights, Scopes, Kobs, Silencers, Gun Body, Barrels, and more to create a gun unique to each player. There are really over 1,000 gun customizations possible.

George Royeca, vice president of X-Play tags the game as revolutionary even for its gun customization alone.

Royeca is not exaggerating. Aside from weapons FPS gamers are already familiar with such as the M4 Commando and the AK-47, the game likewise features World War II vintage guns. For instance, the SCA M11 Thompson is available for the players to tweak. Players can fiddle with their guns and accessories and provides an array of dot sights, scopes, silencers, gun body appearances, grips as well as bullet types and recoil control.

Customization, however, doesn’t end with your guns as there are a lot of choices to change your avatar’s appearance as well. From the standard soldier uniforms, the gear just gets more diverse—with gangster suits, prison uniforms and ghetto get-ups that would definitely entice gamers who would like to look good while trying to stack up their kill count and go down in-style while getting fragged.

Another noteworthy feature of OP7 is its selection of game maps. OP7 also uses maps based on actual locations, such as New York City’s Ground Zero and Tokyo’s Shibuya Prefecture, and offers an interesting insight into how combat unfolds. Thus, re-enactments of historical events and warfare become possible with the game. There are even plans to recreate the Ortigas-EDSA route for an option to re-enact the revolution.

Game modes comprise of the standard FPS fare and some mods such as Hold the Line, Survival and Headhunter, which further enhances the gameplay options a couple of notches.

For those concerned about hacks and cheats common to other FPS’s, OP7 has implemented a system called “Player Justice,” where players can cast a vote to kick other players ruining the code of fair play which “to-the-core” gamers strongly adhere to.

The addition of the Advanced Military Assault Tactics Strategy (AMATS) Team is another exciting development of X-Play exclusively for OP7. The AMATS Team offers the combined efforts of the best of the best from the FPS playing field. Currently there are 6 teams with 4 members each, all of which are trained to challenge Internet café players for OP7 matches. Cash prizes, in-game items and merchandise are up for grabs including the chance to play for the AMATS Team. X-Play sees the AMATS program as the next step in the evolution of the MMO pro-gaming community.


OP7: Basic 101
Sprint Feature – Allows you to run fast while consuming Stamina Points. Positioning is one of the key variables in taking out your enemies. Use the Sprint Feature to position yourself quickly in the Battlefield.

Item/Bag Looting – An Item/Bag drops if a player dies. Never forget to pick up these valuable items after your opponent dies. These bags contain HP/SP Recovery Items, as well as additional Primary and Secondary magazines.

Camouflage/BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) – Camos and BDUs that blend into whatever environment you’re playing in, giving you a superior advantage against your opponents. BDUs can be interchanged (coat/pants/headgear) depending on your preference. Make sure to pick the best combination to enhance your stealth moves.

Focus Aim – While on “Snipe mode,” press “ctrl” or sprint key to hold your breath allowing you to focus your aim better. SP points are also used while using this feature. An indicator will appear if you’ve ran out of SP points.

Gun Customization – Every gun has a different specialty. Customize your gun depending on your game style.

Accuracy – Hit targets even from long distances. Best paired with “Range” stat for large maps (Sniping).
Mobility – Move faster using lightweight gun. Better mobility means faster sprints. Best for CQB (Close Quarter Battle).

Range – Maximum distance you can hit a target. Best paired with “Accuracy” stat for large maps.

Reload – Faster reloads mean more time to shoot targets. Best for an assault type gamestyle.

Control – Less recoil the gun is, the better. Best for assault rifles/SMGs with Dot sights.

Peek System – Utilize one of OP7’s unique features, the Peek System. “Q” – peek on the left; “E” – peek on the right. Use this to peek on corners/edges without exposing your whole body.

Grenade Throwing – Another feature of OP7 includes the “cooking” of grenades. “Cook” your grenades by pressing right click of the mouse. Grenades have 5 seconds of cooking time and when the timer hits zero, hand grenade will explode. Cook the grenade so enemies cannot run away from your grenade. Cooking also can be used as Kamikaze tactic. Power Control of grenades can be controlled by pressing left click of the mouse.

Radar Awareness – Make it a habit to check your radar every now and then. The Radar gives you an idea where your enemies and teammates are. Green Triangles are Teammates, Red Triangles are enemies; They are exposed on the Radar if they fire their weapon. An orange triangles indicates the opponent’s General. His position is exposed once they fire their weapon.

X-Play initiates Operation 7

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