New Mom Anne Curtis confesses her new love

Anne Curtis loves to do many things: acting, traveling, and of course, singing.

But did you know that there’s also one thing the glamorous actress loves to do when she is not busy working in front of the camera?

“I love doing groceries!” This was Anne Curtis’ revelation in a recent interview during the shoot of the new TVC for Landers Superstore. Anne is the new endorser of the brand touted as the fastest growing membership shopping in the country. 

Aside from being an avid grocery shopper, Anne revealed that she has always been a fan of Landers. She loves going through the superstore’s wide aisles and filling her shopping cart with top quality products. 

In fact, she and her husband Erwan Heussaff share a common love for grocery shopping at Landers as the latter has been whipping up delicious recipes using ingredients found at the store. Anne even confesses, “We’ve never had any mini arguments when it comes to doing groceries because we split things-to-buy. He focuses more on food and I buy things like our toiletries and pet care items.”   

Now that she’s a new mom, she’s even more excited to shop for her baby girl which is why she plans to spend more time at the grocery to find everything that fits her growing family’s lifestyles and needs. Anne added that she looks forward to a new chapter in her life, even if it means balancing her time as a mom, wife, and celebrity. 

There are plenty of perks families can enjoy at Landers, since it always offers super deals like 50% off and Buy 1 Get 1 on products. They can also take advantage of other benefits like free haircuts.

Catch more of Anne at Landers Superstore by visiting and following Landers’ Facebook (@LandersPH) and Instagram (@landersph).

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