Mom disowns Gretchen, calls her evil

Actress Gretchen Barretto  is said to be consulting with her lawyers  following the explosive revelations made by her mother Inday to entertainment journalist Ricky Lo.

Claudine posts controversial photo of Raymart’s Porsche
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The sisters again find themselves at odds, supposedly over the entry of Julia Barretto in Star Magic, the talent development arm of ABS-CBN.

In her fiery statements, mom Inday called Gretchen a liar and accused her of playing with other people’s lives; “You are a liar, Gretchen. Many of your preys will attest to that soon. That is the style that you use when you want to play with other people’s lives!”

Inday also belied Gretchen’s accusations that Claudine was blocking Julia Barretto, her niece’s entry to showbiz and is out to ruin Julia’s career.

 “Who did Claudine say it to… you? Or did you just make this up to put Claudine in trouble with Star Magic and make Julia’s big following angry with Claudine? You did that before. Besides, Julia is very much ‘in’ at Star Magic now.”

Julia Barretto is the daughter of Marjorie Barreto and Dennis Padilla and was launched recently as part of Star Circle 2013

 photos taken from official Claudine Barretto facebook page

“Why would she? Next to Marjorie, no one can love those children more than Claudine!!! There is a track record to that. At hindi isang kagaya mo lang ang maka-manipulate niyan. Huwag mo naman gawing tanga ‘yung mga tao, Gretchen. They and we all know that ‘Claudine holds no power over the industry!’ Who do you think Claudine is — the Evil Queen of Bhutan?,” referring to Gretchen’s most recent role in the defunct TV series “Princess and I,” which was shot in Bhutan.

Mrs. Barreto also spoke about the alleged violent tendencies of Claudine which apparently led to the recent separation of the controversial celebrity couple.

“Ay, talaga? Correct! Nagbabasag ng plato at tasa ‘yan; buti na lang plastic, hindi ‘yung regalo ni Pres. Erap sa wedding. I saw Claudine nagbato ng sapatos, natamaan ang pusa! Nabasa ‘yung shoes. I also witnessed you, Gretchen, ah! When you were throwing expensive plates and vases at that time I was called to go to your place because nagwawala ka and you were threatening to swallow pills. Muntik pa nga akong matamaan kaya I ran out of the house to the car on a Typhoon Signal No. 3, soaking wet. Pinalayas ako!”

 “Raymart left home? Yes, it is true.  For a cooling off period? — Sana. “But if God wills it to be permanent, huwag naman sana. But still, our life is not in our hands! So, Gretchen, do you also want to include God in your ‘bashing’ and drip your perfumed saliva for the misfortune of your sister?”

She also mentioned Gretchen abusing Claudine with phone and text messages, calling Claudine’s daughter Sabrina as “negra daughter of yours” and son Santino as “Abnoy.” Even Raymart was not spared whom Gretchen called “bakla” for not siding with Claudine.

But perhaps the harshest remarks of their mother was calling Gretchen evil and power drunk.
“Do not start giving away that title that belongs to you and you alone, now that it’s burning your palm and scarring your beautiful face. Some basher called Julia ‘maarte’ and you blow your top! You call Claudine evil, prepare to attack her and you want me to be angelic?”

“Ang dali-dali n’yo lang manakit ng tao. Power drunk! Pero pag kayo na, konting pitik gusto n’yo na magpakulong. I am taking this fight — now in front of the battle. I am going to take all the bullets you shoot. Watch and beware it will ricochet kapagka ina na ang binaril. Stop, please stop. Stop it na, ha! Stop it naaaaa!!!”

“For the longest time now and all these years you did nothing but make it your favorite pastime to play with the lives of my family, the family you are ashamed to own, in spite of the fact that I brought you all up well, humble and human! You have attacked, accused, maligned and tried to destroy each and everyone of us in the eyes of society, starting from your father, I your mother, and each and everyone of your siblings including their partners!”

Mrs. Barretto then announced that she is disowning Gretchen. “Gretchen, I am not a wimp, never been one, but lahat may ‘hangganan.’ I have protected you all these years without exposing to the world the real you. But you have pushed many of us to the wall. There’s no other way but for us to defend our names! I have always loved you as one of my own, and always will, but love of my family belongs to the heart and not in the garbage can!” “I am letting go of a child now who never wanted me in order to save one who has always been there for all, and with all of her love…Claudine!”