Maria Clara Sangria picks Moira Dela Torre as its “Virgin” endorser

In the world of music, few voices resonate as deeply with emotions Moira Dela Torre. With her soulful melodies soothing voice and heartfelt lyrics, she has captured the hearts of countless fans, making her a household name in the Philippines and beyond.

Now she takes on a new role as brand ambassador for Maria Clara Sangria Virgin, the first non-alcoholic rendition of the beloved sangria. At a recent press conference held at Luxent Hotel QC, Moira opened up about her connection to the brand and her unexpected experience during the commercial shoot.

“Ganto lang talaga ako magsalita. Pag labas ko sa nanay ko, ganto na talaga ako. Pati pag iyak ko po ata ganto na rin. Pasensya na po,” she joked, as she answered questions in her soft voice at a very slow pace adding–baka ang Nanay ko po uminom ng Maria Clara kaya paglabas ko, ganto na.”

Moira also revealed an intriguing twist to her involvement with Maria Clara Sangria. Despite her role as its endorser, she confessed to having a rather low alcohol tolerance. During the commercial shoot, she inadvertently became intoxicated after sipping on just three glasses of the sangria.

Gusto nyo ba sumagot, kung lasenggera ba ako?” she teased her bandmates. “Hindi. Pero mabilis ba akong malasing? No comment,” she continued with a laugh. “Nung nag Tiktok po ako for Maria Clara, tapos naka tatlong glass po ako, pagkatapos po ako, nalasing po ako. Hindi pa po nalabas ‘yung Virgin Sangria,” narrating her tipsy experience on set.

Moira’s connection with Maria Clara Sangria transcends her role as its ambassador. She composed the brand’s new jingle, “Maria Clara,” which encapsulates the idea that it’s okay not to feel okay at times, emphasizing the importance of taking one’s time and finding comfort in the knowledge that everything will eventually be alright.

Moira described Maria Clara as “a friend for all seasons” that serves as a reminder of one’s journey and identity as a woman.

When asked why she accepted the offer to represent Maria Clara Sangria, Moira said, “When they told me about this campaign, they were looking for somebody who could represent not just a brand that’s been there for many years but a brand that’s been a friend.” This insight also guided her in crafting the campaign’s jingle, resulting in a mid-tempo tune that captures laidback moments with friends.

The team behind Maria Clara Sangria, produced by Destileria Limtuaco, praised Moira’s talents and the resonance of her music. Olivia Limpe-aw, the company’s president and chief executive officer, commended her, saying, “She’s a very talented singer-songwriter. She can send the message through songs. She overcomes hardships and challenges. She understands what message to send across… We’re so happy to have Moira.”

Moira also shared her personal journey of overcoming mental health and weight issues, emphasizing the importance of focusing on well-being rather than just appearance. “I just decided to take it easy,” she said, explaining her journey to achieving a healthier figure. “The weight just came off naturally with the help of my hormone doctor. Everything happened effortlessly, but I wasn’t really focusing on my weight. It was more of my well-being. I wasn’t depriving myself of any food.”

As we enter 2023, one of the emerging trends in the beverage industry is the rise of alcohol-free options, catering to consumers looking for healthier choices. The COVID-19 pandemic has made people more health-conscious, leading to increased demand for low- to no-alcohol products. Non-alcoholic drinks provide a sober alternative to liquor without sacrificing the social experience.

Now, the iconic Filipino drink, sangria, joins this trend with Maria Clara Virgin Sangria, a non-alcoholic version crafted by Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc. Moira Dela Torre’s collaboration with the brand adds a fresh twist to this favorite, offering a full-flavored experience with 0 percent alcohol and fewer added sugars.

Maria Clara Virgin Sangria is set to revolutionize how people celebrate special occasions, providing a guilt-free option for sangria enthusiasts. You can find it in major retail outlets at an SRP of P192.00.

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