Make that No-dandruff Hair Flip with Selsun Blue!

Feel more confident with zero dandruff falls on your shirt or bare shoulders. Don’t let dandruff dull your glow this summer season and boost your self-esteem to the fullest!

Because here’s some good news: Dandruff is preventable and controllable. If you have a dandruff problem, face it and reach for Selsun Blue.

As we feel the heat these days, don’t let your hair suffer, too! With Selsun Blue, your summer will be comfortable and fresher!

Selsun Blue contains 1% Selenium Sulfide, an antifungal medication that lowers levels of yeast and reduces the inflammation that causes flakes. Selsun Blue now also contains conditioning Honey Extract which moisturizes and softens hair. 

Be 100% confident when you go to the beach this summer. Flip that hair without the fear of falling flakes. Leave the worry of having dandruff on your clothes when you use Selsun Blue. 

Never let your confidence leave you again because of dandruff. Switch to Selsun Blue and always be 100% confident wherever you are.

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