THE SCORCHING hot season may be over but for the Kung Foo Masters of Legend of Martial Arts the heated battles have only just begun. LOMA is scheduled to release its second patch for summer by next week, adding more game features, contents and goodies.

One of the newest features is the Eclosion System. The new system allows Nirvana/Rebirth Class characters at level 70+ to undergo the Eclosion process. With this, players will be able to obtain stronger attributes, extra skill points, Eclosion equipment and title. The higher the Eclosion level, the better the advantages are.

The prologue quest necessary for this must be taken from Phoenix from the Ashes NPC at the Southern Gate of Capital. Collect all 9 scrolls of Eclosion and pass it Sir Qinglin for you to learn the Eclosion Skill.

Are you ready for an exciting and challenging new map? The Wraith Ship map has two levels that contain monsters only that would make mincemeat of players below level 90! Eliminate the monsters to get a chance to obtain luxury items, including the special reputation item – Eye of Darkness and Dust of Crystal Skull.
Grade 6 and above YY suit compartments can be combined with the Dark Crystal Skull into a Dark Suit. The Dark Suit (upgradeable by YY Deity Stone) has 7 compartments; includes parts for the head, body, shoes, 3 accessory slots and weapon. The parts can be acquired by completing Wraith Ship quests.

A mysterious non player character (NPC) will await you at the 8 Mile Manor once the Robber King is killed. Players who talk to this NPC will receive huge amounts of EXP and a Strange Jumbled Code. Exchange the code for a Treasure Fragment. Every 10 fragments may be exchanged for 1 Ares Catalogue that contains lots of valuable rewards such as the Dragon Soul Ring and the Gold Key.

This event is available only at Channel/Realm 11 and can only be activated after a specific amount of players have completed the earlier quest mentioned.

The Legend of the Hot Icy Island becomes available for 2nd level Rebirth class characters, players who have completed the prologue quest and may now purchase 5 Elements Book from the Capital Hot Ice Agent NPC. This can be used to open a quest from the Hot Icy Envoy NPC.

Hot Icy Fragments will be rewarded from the EXP quests Heart of Hot Icy will be rewarded from the challenge quests Hot Icy Essence will be rewarded from the legend quests. One you have the specific amount of the above items, players can redeem the following:

Buff Potion, Shining Attack Stone, Shining HP Stone, Shining Mana Stone, Pierce Stone, Assail Stone, Eternity Stone and more, including Attribute Titles.

The game also opens the Battlefield System. For a more detailed explanation of the system go to http://www.loma.ph/game-information/beginners-guide/battlefield-system. For the newest items go to http://www.loma.ph/news/updates/60-2nd-summer-major-update-june-patch-details.