THERE is no doubt that 3D is the future of television, unfortunately getting one could also cost you a lot of your future savings.

LG Electronics (LG) launched its CINEMA 3D TV and Smart TVs last week at the EDSA Shangri-La that seeks to bring the next generation TV technology to more Filipino families at less astronomical prices.
“The new CINEMA 3D TVs promises to redefine viewer experience by combining the first officially certified “Flicker-Free” 3D picture with comfortable, battery-free, lightweight glasses. This results in a much brighter picture; more flexible viewing positions; and a wide viewing angle.
“These new features make CINEMA 3D perfect for watching 3D in groups with family or friends,” states Cyd Montebon, product marketing head of LG Electronics Philippines.
“Unlike conventional 3D TVs, LG’s flicker free technology virtually eliminates feelings of dizziness. The Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) glasses on the other hand are very light (only 16 grams), and do not require batteries or charging. It is also free of electro magnetic waves making them more convenient and safer than the conventional 3D glasses,” she explains.
LG also utilizes what it calls Light Boost, a thin film covering that counteracts any dimness that usually occurs with traditional 3D TVs.
For gamers, Montebon says it will further improve their playing experience because it allows them to enjoy clear and bright 3D pictures whether they are lying down or leaning back in any spot in front of the TV.
But perhaps the most intriguing feature of LGs new TV is its capability to convert 2D into 3D. Now you don’t have to worry about waiting for 3D releases of your favorite videos or games as you can instantly convert any TV show or game into 3D and even adjust the depth in just a couple of button presses.
The LG Smart TV on the other hand encapsulates simple and effective control over your home entertainment experience. With its simple Home Dashboard and Magic Motion Remote Control, LG CINEMA 3D TV makes it easy to access a full array of premium content via top global providers, locally sourced shows like that of ABS-CBN’s iWanTV, and the growing range of LG Apps designed specifically for use on its Smart TVs.
The Smart TV and Cinema 3D TV will be available in all leading appliance stores nationwide beginning this month.

Check out the following clips comparing LG with other 3D TVs
LG 3D TV Screentest: Head Position

Large groups will also have no problems viewing 3D movies together, as the Cinema 3D TV offers flexible viewing positions, allowing customers to enjoy clear and bright 3D pictures whether lying down or leaning back in any spot in front of the TV.
The result of all these features is the promise of longer and more enjoyable viewing of 3D films. You can definitely bring home that 3D Cinema experience with the new LG Cinema 3D TV.

LG 3D TV Screentest: Flickering

 Majority of the 3D TV brands last year used the shutter glasses (SG) technology, this year LG’s CINEMA 3D range employs Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology, which addresses the problems that hampered the enjoyment of earlier 3D TVs. CINEMA 3D uses a polarized film on the screen to deliver different images for the left and right eyes. These images are then matched up with CINEMA 3D glasses and the result is a 3D picture that is Flicker-Free – as certified by European quality assurance agencies TÜV and Intertek – with less crosstalk, meaning no more dizziness and eye fatigue that sometimes occurs with wearing shutter glasses.

 LG 3D TV Screentest: Brightness

Further contributing to higher picture quality is LG’s Light Boost, a thin film that ensures 3D images are shown at their full brightness. What’s more, a wide viewing angle and flexible viewing positions make CINEMA 3D ideal for watching in groups or while sitting or lying down in any spot in front of the screen