Lee Byung-Hun, Park Seo-Jun, and Park Bo-Young Invite Filipino Fans to watch ‘Concrete Utopia’ in Local Cinemas

“Concrete Utopia” stars Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-jun and Park Bo-young have a special message for their Filipino fans. Watch the video: 

Directed by Um Tae-hwa, Concrete Utopia is loosely based on Part 2 of the hit webtoon “Joyful Outcast” (“Pleasant Neighbors”) and stars an ensemble of A-list Korean actors including Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-jun, Park Bo-young, Park Ji-hu, Kim Do-yoon and Kim Sun-young. It is a disaster thriller about the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. The film will follow the story that begins when the survivors gather at Hwang Gung Apartments, the only building left standing in an earthquake-ravaged Seoul.

The film is a sobering parable, following its characters’ gradual descent into ruthless tribalism in a way that eerily mirrors so many contemporary global events. 

Watch the main trailer: https://youtu.be/LB7Dtqm4zo8  

Concrete Utopia opens in Philippine cinemas September 20. Can’t wait? For the list of cinemas, see here

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