Shopee Picks: Time to get your own Air Fryer from KAISA VILLA this 11.11 Shopee Big Christmas Sale

Air fryers have become all the rage since the lockdowns began last year as people began to find ways to cook food in a healthier way.

Compared to deep-frying that requires a lot of oil and hot temperature an air fryer cooks food using hot air and little to no oil and simply requires hot air to be circulated at a rapid speed to cook food.

Among the benefits of having an air fryer include;
1. Simple Fuss-free Operation– Get an air fryer model that come with preset cooking options so you don’t have to tinker with manual settings. It simplifies the cooking process. The presets, along with its safety features, make it such an easy and low maintenance kitchen appliance to have at home.

2. Easy Cleaning: Air fryers are some of the easiest kitchen appliances to clean as most new models come with a detachable cooking basket and trays, which you can clean separately manually or using a dishwasher. The interior and exterior are also easy to clean because only a minimal amount of oil is used . All you need to do is to wipe it down after every use and a deep clean a few times a month for maintenance.

3. Reduced Fat and Calories: As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why air fryers are so popular is because of its ability to reduce the fat and calorie content of the food. A good air fryer will be able to cook your favorite fried dishes effectively without compromising on the flavor. The hot air that circulates and cooks the food that results in a crispy exterior and soft interior.

4. Versatility: Besides frying, you can actually use them to perform other cooking functions. One quick search on the internet and you’ll find tips on how to you can use your air fryers to bake, grill, roast, etc. This versatility might appeal to those who wish to save precious kitchen space, and simply splurge on one item that does a lot of things versus buying many different appliances for specific cooking functions.

5. Efficiency: It makes cooking easier as yo can you can get frozen fries, chicken fingers and other snacks from the freezer, chuck them in the air fryer basket and cook right away.

Air fryers have been around for quite a while but they were a bit too expensive until other brands began to manufacture their own versions.

Now you can even get one for as low as P1,000 from Shopee!

As Shopee kicks off its annual 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, the most anticipated shopping festival in the region. To add to the festive mood, users can look forward to the widest variety of discounted products from over 25 categories and unbeatable promos such as ₱1 Deals, free shipping with no minimum spend, and 10% off daily.

One brand that’s been getting a lot of attention is KAISA VILLA offering affordable appliances such as air fryers, vacuum cleaners and air purifiers is also joining the Big Christmas Sale offering even bigger discounts and freebies!

The Kaisa Villa Air Fryer 4.5L/5.5L Electric Fryer features powerful air frying technology and fast hot air circulation system that allows your food to be crisp and Fried. It can be used to cook French fries, onion rings, French fries, chicken, steak, shrimp, meat, cake, fish, etc. The adjustable temperature control knob at 0-200°C allows you to prepare a wide variety of food with little or no oil.

Kaisa Villa offers air fryers in several capacities ranging from the usual 3.2L to 4.5L and 5.5L capacity for bigger families. It also has a High-quality non-stick pan lining for easier cleaning.

Inner tank material: non-stick coating
Rated voltage: 220V-240V~50Hz
Pot capacity: 4.5L/5.5L
Power: 1350W
Safety function: overheat protection
Heating method: circulating hot air
Removable basket heating: Yes
Time control: Yes/30 minutes
Temperature control: Yes/200 degrees
Plug type: Chinese standard three-pin plug
Color: Black
Material: ABS + non-stick coating

For those who want to clean their homes much easier in tine for the holidays, the Kaisa Villa 2 in 1 Vacuum Handheld Cleaner is another affordable option.

The vacuum can be used either hand-held or vertical, giving you the option to use it according to your needs. It has an ergonomic handle for comfortable holding and operation. It is suitable for cleaning all types of floors such as hardwood, carpet, tile floors and can be used for your car, bed and other surfaces because of its strong and powerful suction capabilities that can efficiently remove dust and mites. It is also lightweight and portable to use and with its new overheating protection function it automatically shuts down.

The Kaisa Villa 2-in-1 vacuum also has a washable filter that can be used repeatedly and easy to clean and the large capacity dust box is great for cleaning large areas without the inconvenience of having to empty it a few times.

Click here to get the Kaisa Villa 2-in-1 Vacuum cleaner for as low as P799 this Shopee 11.11 Sale!

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