Jollibee Kids meal goes TURBO!

Jollibee takes kids to the racetrack with Turbo Race Teamcollectibles

It’s a dashing good time for kids this July as Jollibee Kids Meal (JKM) offers the Turbo Race Team toy series. Featuring three new collectibles from Dreamworks’ newest 3-D animated film, Turbo, the toys let boys and girls play with the fastest, coolest snails in the world.

Race to new adventures with your favorite speedy snail pals Turbo, Whiplash and Burn, available with every JKM purchase.

Kids can choose from Maximum Turbo, Whiplash Dash and High-Speed Burn tracks. Feel the rush with Turbo, the garden snail with a need for speed as he zooms through the race track. Accelerate with Whiplash, the smart and cool leader of the amazing snails. Turbo fans can also race with Burn, the female snail with a mission to break speed records.

Kick off the high-speed adventure by placing Turbo on the starting line of the race track, pull the flag and send them dashing down the lane. See how fast Burn can zoom down the track by placing the toy at the starting line and pulling up the flag, too. Release Whiplash at the starting point of the circuit and watch the flag rise as he blazes through the finish line. Collect all three and assemble the tracks together for an intense one-on-one race with friends.

“Turbo” features dynamic racing action and laughs. It tells the story of a simple garden snail, Theo a.k.a. Turbo, as he chases his dream to become the fastest snail in the world. He takes on the extraordinary challenge of beating the best racing cars in the world-famous Indianapolis 500 race, with the help of his trusted friends and his new super-speed abilities.

Get a free Turbo toy with every langhap-sarap Jollibee Kids Meal. The Yumburger Meal comes at P80, the Spaghetti meal for P82, and the juicylicious, crispylicious one-piece Chickenjoy Meal for P99. Enjoy high-velocity fun with the JKM Turbo Race Team toys and Dreamworks’ Turbo coming to theaters on July 19. Rush to the nearest Jollibee store and collect all three Turbo Race Team characters and tracks, until 31.

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