Huawei X Manila Bulletin: Capturing Filipino’s Significant Life Experiences at NEXT-IMAGE Photo Exhibit  

“With Huawei, you can explore infinite possibilities in smartphone photography.”

And I can personally attest to Huawei’s promise.

Ever since I got my hands on the Huawei P8, I’ve discovered a love for photography that I never thought I had. I loved taking photos, but never actually thought I could shoot photos that could compete with those taken by those big DSLRs. But with Huawei, taking photos has never been this easy– and fun.

And I am just happy that more and more Filipinos are finding their passion in photoraphy simply because of their smartphones.

Most of the time, life’s finest moments come in fleeting seconds and there is no better way to express beauty and share those memories through the art of photography – this is the reason why Filipinos are fond of taking photos. We, Filipinos, are known to be family-oriented and as much as possible, we want to preserve and cherish every celebration we have with our loved ones. Filipinos finds photography personal and as something they can draw inspiration from by documenting the beauty of everyday life experiences – to show that each photo is a part of any individual’s life and is something that you can always look back on.

Huawei has grown in the eyes and hearts of consumers as one of the leading smartphone brand of choice offering excellent value, style, design, performance and exceptional photography capabilities. This year, Huawei has once again opened the Next Image Awards, a platform where Huawei users globally can show off their eye for capturing different subjects and moments.

Photo Courtesy of Eugene B. Geronimo using the Huawei P9
Category: Faces



Huawei’s push for a mobile photo contest is no surprise, given that the brand is renowned for its class-leading smartphone camera such a the P20 Pro with its Leica lens camera setup.

Next Image Photo Exhibit: A Testament to Flagship Camera Perfection

To further develop the culture globally, this 2018, several countries and regions have been chosen to host their local competitions independent of the international contest, as well as other events more specifically catered to the characteristics of local users. These events include three rounds of two-week competitions in the Philippines. In each of the three rounds that were held, judges selected the ten best works from numerous contributors, naming a single grand prize and nine mentions of excellence.

Photo Courtesy of Peter John Onggay
Category: Hello Life!

A total of 10,431 photo entries from 3,378 attendees came from the Philippines alone, making it the country with the highest submission of entries overseas. The reason why NEXT-IMAGE got so many entries from the Philippines is not only because Filipinos love taking photos but most importantly, Filipinos are creative people in nature. We, Filipinos, like expressing ourselves in different ways – may it be through music, the way we dress, the way we dance, every one of us wants to show the world that we have something to offer and show the world.

Huawei collaborated with Manila Bulletin to mount a one-of-a kind photo exhibit that features the best works of Filipino photographers and enthusiasts. As early as June this year, Huawei have already began collecting the work of local photography enthusiasts. All three competitions have now concluded, leaving us with numerous choice Next-Image pieces which were all displayed on the NEXT-IMAGE Photo Exhibit on September 5 at The Manila Hotel, Philippines.

The NEXT-IMAGE photo exhibit is revolutionary in its concept since it features photo collections on how the Filipino express themselves creatively. The event is headed by Ronald Jayme, Editor of Picture Perfect Manila Bulletin and by Art Samaniego, Editor of TechNews Manila Bulletin.

Emma Cai, Huawei’s Senior Regional Marketing Director, opened the program by explaining the brand’s philosophy and why Huawei continuously partners with NEXT-IMAGE. It was then followed by Mr. Samaniego who discussed the technology behind smartphone photography and how Huawei makes it easier for consumers to meet their photography requirements. Mr. Jayme, on the other hand, discussed several tips on smartphone photography and highlighted how Huawei makes it possible for Filipinos to do professional photography or produce photos that are at par with professional photography.

Huawei users and media attendees were also given a chance to participate in the photo session workshop in which the participants are requested to apply their learnings about smartphone photography to take photos of any subject within the designated venue. The winner took home the stunning P20 Pro and was instantly amazed on how the brand pushes boundaries to smartphone photography.

The partnership between Huawei and Manila Bulletin is a truly exceptional photo exhibit giving everyone a chance to see the Filipino talent thru lens being recognized in local and international field. The partnership is a testament to Huawei’s commitment to making photography easier for everyone and honing each individual’s talent through photography.


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