Host Your Next Barkada Night with a Playstation from Datablitz

Haven’t seen your friends in a while? Bring them together with these bonding ideas!

Adult friendships can be challenging. Everyone’s schedule just never seems to match so taking the lead to just bring the entire barkada together is surely a move anyone will appreciate. And with these ideas, you are sure to be the perfect host of your next night in with friends!

 Invite them over for a classic get together

We start off with an oldie but goodie bonding experience. One of the most common difficulties in bringing the entire barkada together is where to meet up so why don’t you just save the day and offer your place? You can also reminisce about your best memories together and plan your next big trip to make new ones!

 Cook for them

It’s time to bust out your moves in the kitchen and prepare a gastronomical experience for your friends. Pick a cuisine for the night or mix and match your friends’ favorites. If you don’t want to cook alone, you may even get your friends to cook with you! The best thing about it? You all get to taste whatever you whipped up in your kitchen!

Enjoy a night of board games

Go old-school and play some of your favorite boardgames from your childhood. You can also try out a new game that no one has played before and learn the rules together (although let’s be honest, you’re sure to just invent some of rules with your barkadaalong the way). Whichever way you decide to go, board games are a sure hit.

But if you are all gamers–  host a PlayStation game night!

Take your game night a notch higher and bring out the competitive side of your friends by hosting a video game tournament! Divide yourselves into teams and play a variety of PS4 couch multiplayer titles such as NBA 2K19, FIFA 19, Tekken 7 and Gran Turismo Sport.

You can also play as a unit and uncover chapters from narrative-driven games such as Detroit: Become Human. If you’re all Marvel fans, there’s our hero-next-door Marvel’s Spider-Man to entertain everyone as he crawls walls, swings distances, and shoots webs at opponents.Whatever your barkada’s interest might be, everyone will surely have an enjoyable night with these games.


Don’t have a PS4 console yet? It’s time to purchase one and invest in some barkadabonding moments everyone will surely remember. You can get a PlayStation 4 at Datablitz.

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