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Dockers Color of Summer

When Dockers first launched its new line of Alpha Khakis in 2011, it issued a call for all men to “Wear the Pants,” as it sought to recognize the “Alpha Males.” For this season, much like the gathering of superheroes in the upcoming Avengers movie (minus the superpowers), the brand now summons all men of action to save the day—in style.

Inspired by the resilient, resourceful and hardworking real men of action, Dockers 2012 Spring/Summer collection is for and about the men who use their unique talents, skills, passions and value to the world.

The new collection was launched via a fashion show held recently at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall and showcased a variety of choices from the popular Alpha Khakis, the dependable Wearever Series and the staple Signature Khakis.

Save the day, everyday
According to Bobet Romualdo, Dockers commercial director for Asia, “Men face different kinds of challenges every day and the desire to be effective in accomplishing tasks or getting work done is universal. Men need to be confident and in control with sudden changes of situation, have to have khakis that equip to conquer it.”

Going through the week, from Monday to Sunday, can indeed be a challenge. Tasks need to be completed, situations turn from manageable to stressful, and it requires the real men in us to strive and thrive.

“Dockers presents a myriad of ways to ‘get yourself together’ and conquer these challenges with relative ease and cool; be it an optimistic fresh Monday, a relaxed yet still serious Tuesday, an out of office Wednesday, a morning of work and play Thursday, organized planning for next week’s to-do Friday, easy-going recreation Saturday and essential R&R Sunday,” Romualdo stated.

“As we always say, Dockers is for work and play, and it caters to a wide range of men with different kinds of style, explains Dockers senior marketing executive Rhea Akil. “You can wear it to work, you can wear it after work, and even on weekends, it can be very versatile. If you have Dockers in your closet, then you have less worries about finding something appropriate to wear,” she added.

Colors of summer
“Far from being too serious, this collection also reflects the colors of summer,” des-cribed Akil. “From the 19 new colors of khaki to the sun bleached and ocean washed effects, the inspiration for the series is the sun, the sea, the sand—things that are very, very summer.”

The bolder color selection, she explained, also answers the needs of a more daring market that is not afraid to experiment with colors.

Aside from its signature khakis, Akil said the brand is also introducing a variety of graphic tees, and double layer shirts to add to its collection of woven down tops.

To complete the summer collection, Dockers is also bringing in reversible shorts. “The shorts also use the same construction and cotton twill fabric as the pants,” Akil shared.

New generation khakis for the next generation of men

Successfully launched last season, Dockers Alpha Khakis have become quite popular with a new generation of khaki users who see it as an easy alternative to their favorite denim.

The Spring/Summer look features a refined, simple and comfortable Alpha Khaki that fits any occasion. It will have more color choices, from stately blue to more daring colors like flame and paper white.

When in search of the smartest pants you can own, the Wearever Series fits the bill. It is packed with performance benefits from stain protection, wrinkle free and permanent crease, providing worry free comfort from sunup to sundown. It offers classic styling with unmatched comfort—a simple choice when deciding to meet a client at the boardroom or at the golf course.

Finally, this season’s Signature Khakis come in richer twill and has a finer weave. It offers more variety regarding its fit—there is the Classic Fit, Straight Fit and for those who can, a Slim Fit.

Coinciding with the launch of its summer collection, Dockers Philippines also announced its “Dockers Man of Action Car Raffle Promo” where customers get a chance to win a BMW 116I.

To join simply purchase one Alpha Khaki and one regular Dockers item, to get a raffle coupon. The promo runs until May and the grand winner will be announced during a one of a kind event to be held in June.

For information call 889-9301 or visit

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