By now, I think at least one member of your family has watched Batman Vs Superman, and they’ve probably told you– despite your pleadings –that by the end of the movie, Superman, was nowhere to be found– which begs the question.. how do you effin’ establish the Justice League without one of the DC Trinity (Batman, WonderWoman and Superman)

After browsing the interwebs for weeks searching for clues, I’ve finally found where Superman ended up– or at least the guy playing Superman–Henry Cavill.

Turns out while everyone was packed in cinemas, Mr. Cavill had a quick detour at one of the biggest techn HQs in the world– nope not LexCorp but the Technology Center of Huawei Shanghai Institute.

According to the website (HenryCavill.Org)  Mr. Cavill, costar, Ben Affleck and director, Zack Snyder were in China to promote their movie. After doing his media rounds Mr. Cavill also visited the Huawei Shanghai Institute.Henry-Cavill-Org-Huawei-008 Henry-Cavill-Org-Huawei-001 Henry-Cavill-Org-Huawei-006

Read the complete article below:

Spring has come, the weather gets warmer, though slightly gloomy in the Magic City of Shanghai today, but precisely against the background of Huawei Shanghai Institute is light emitted. This light source shares, not Huawei’s latest death and life, nor is there a new product development success, but a famous movie star from Hollywood, who is playing the “Superman” role in the upcoming “Batman Superman Wars” movie, super sportsman Henry Cavill .

It is another two or three days before this weekend that Henry Cavill will be starring in Batman V Superman, however, prior to the upcoming Batman “tearing open” of Superman actor Henry Cavill, he was actually airborne in Shanghai, China on Huawei Institute. Did he come here before the war because he knows from the technology of Huawei to seek scientific and technological strength?Henry-Cavill-Org-Huawei-007

In any case, “Superman, man of God,” kindly visited. Accompanied by Zhang Xiaoyun CMO of Huawei’s consumer business, Henry Cavill visited the laboratory of the Institute at Huawei which for “Superman”, was the first time he had a visit at such a global leader in technology research and development centers.

However, the face of this big star level guests was not the first time for Huawei Shanghai Research Institute. Last year, world-class supermodel Karlie Kloss goddess of fashion circles, once visited here. In addition to the star, there is also host to national leaders such as Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka. And the visit of Henry Cavill, one of the biggest name in Hollywood entertainment left us curious as to why is, “Superman” visit in the end, trying to do?henry cavill huawei

To know Huawei is a leading global information and communications solutions provider, and the Institute of Huawei is a core technology innovation center, where a lot of cutting-edge technology innovations are born here, including a variety of Huawei’s flagship phone Mate series, P series and other products, such as Huawei selling mobile phone models. It can be seen Henry Cavill was very focused during the visit, not just listening to technical explanations, but was also interactive.

Subsequently, we also put on Superman Huawei anti-static clothing, to visit front-line laboratory experience, as we are the science and technology leader in laboratory and office environment. It seems Mobu Cheng was invited to participate in research and development of special products?

Subsequently, He Gang Huawei Terminal phone product line president has released a micro-Bo said, “peed (xin) degrees (pian) and force (xu) amount to(hang) perfect fusion.” When Superman encounter Huawei, Henry Cavill and Huawei will create what kind of spark? He seems to be saying,” Superman” is here to do something with Huawei’s products. In addition, with the figure he and “Superman” Henry Cavill himself posed for photos, he’s very eye-catching. Especially with the palm out match Superman’s own life monster 6 inches screen Mate8 (phone), if only such a powerful expression of the current performance flagship and “Superman” complement each other.

Has he found Lex Luthor's counterpart at Huawei?
Has Superman found Lex Luthor’s counterpart at Huawei?

While Huawei’s consumer business and CMO Zhang Xiaoyun He Gang, president of Huawei Device mobile product line released in his microblogging explaining Henry Cavill, Superman’s Huawei visit. They broke the news that, long ago, Huawei contacted Henry Cavill and the contents of negotiation seems new flagship P9 will shortly be listed as relevant to him. An insider revealed that Henry Cavill will likely be Huawei P9 product’s spokesperson. So P9 for the upcoming conference, Superman as spokesman remains to be seen.

Ooookkkkaaaayyyyyy… While it might not be the best written article I’ve read, the last part is certainly intriguing as it references Mr. Cavill to be the Huawei’s celebrity endorser for its upcoming Huawei P9 smartphone.

“…Huawei contacted Henry Cavill and the contents of negotiation seems new flagship P9 will shortly be listed as relevant to him…” 

An insider revealed that Henry Cavill will likely be Huawei P9 product’s spokesperson. So P9 for the upcoming conference, Superman as spokesman remains to be seen.

The Huawei P9 smartphone–which judging from the leaks will be sporting a Leica camera or cameras.

Leica = Awesomesauce.

Huawei has officially acknowledged that they are working with Leica for the P9 which will have a dual rear camera configuration. The company has been hyping up its new camera technology, so it’s certainly going to be interesting to see how good the P9’s camera turns out to be.

“We are going to launch our P9 flagship phone very soon and this is a product that we worked with Leica to produce,” – Huawei deputy chairman Guo Ping”

2016 is going to be an important year for Huawei, and the company will be looking to its next flagship to further its market position in China and open up new growth opportunities abroad. The Huawei P9, complete with Leica camera components, is expected to be unveiled at an event scheduled for April 6th.


April Fools? or maybe not 😀


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