Greenwich debuts new Mid-Century Industrial Look– the Neighborhood Pizzeria

Same best tasting food, new pizzeria look.


Greenwich and Barkadas may go well together like Cheese and Pizza, but no matter how much you love food and the company, a new ambiance is always a welcome change.

Ambiance is everything and for this reason, Greenwich is launching a new look for its restaurants.

“For the longest time, has kept on improving and upgrading our store look because we want our customers to experience something new and better. Though the customers our enjoying our current store concept, we felt that there is something missing, notes Greenwich’s CookieCabrera.

“The development of the new store concept is the result of a realization that we are a Pizza and Pasta place yet we don’t look like one. This was also backed up by our recent research study that our current consumer mindset about Greenwich is- it look and feels like any other QSR. It has no distinct character of a pizza and pasta restaurant.”



The re-opening of the store at SM City North Edsa was attended by John Lloyd Cruz who toured the entire restaurant to check out the changes and to have pictures taken with the Greenwich staff and guests.

With the emerging store design trend and aggressive retail efforts of competition, the challenge was to make it the most preferred destination amongst the many choices present. We need to have a strong differentiating identity and a greater resemblance of what a pizza and pasta place should be to stand out from the rest.

That is when Project Hub started.

The store design is a combination of Mid-Century and Industrial Style. The use of familiar pizzeria elements like wood and bricks brings out that familiar neighborhood/homey feel. The industrial touch makes it modern yet timeless.

Pizzeria worldwide has generic elements but what sets Greenwich from all the others is that we use Greenwich colors as interior branding. We integrate Greenwich personality of being Young, Fun, Hip&Trendy but at the same time approachable – making the interior and the brand inseparable.

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“The new restaurant design is about enhancing our customer’s experience to eat in an environment that is friendly, comfortable and familiar to them. We want them to experience our Best-tasting, Best-value Pizza and Pasta in a young, modern pizzeria-inspired store look. After all, we are a pizza and pasta restaurant,” Cabrera added.

The new Pizzeria, features a dining area that is divided into zones, the LOUNGE, MAIN DINING, BALCONY, BANQUETTE and ENCLOSED DINING.

The SHOWCASE WINDOW – communicates to everyone that their orders are freshly made just like in any other pizzerias where pizza prep is visible.

Seating varies from couches, booths to round and square top tables to longer community tables with bar stools. Chairs and tables are made flexible, easy to move-around and re-arranged to foster sharing.

The Furniture and lighting fixtures are combination of mid-century and industrial style (wood, metallic and plastic)  while Lighting is warmer to achieve that neighborhood pizzeria feel. Decorative, Industrial Street inspired wall lamps and accents.

Notice the Colorful graphics on the wall reflecting brand colors?  The brand has established its way of communicating to its market, it’s been reinforced in the store thru the use of cheesy lines and colloquial language framed on walls, something that the target market is familiar with and can relate to.
A  Digital menuboard is infused to make it industrial and modern

And To complete that neighborhood feel, Greenwich brings in wares that they are familiar with. Things that resembles home. Wooden Pizza Peel, wares with graphics, tin bucket utensil holder, tumblers and pitchers, colored pasta and salad bowls.
Uniforms suit the pizzeria concept, the colors compliment the overall look of the store, they were made simple to make the store team more comfortable while doing their job and stylish to make them proud of what they are wearing even outside work.
The new store look resembles of what a modern pizza pasta restaurant should be. It’s almost a replica of their home/neighborhood they grew up and familiar with.

The ambiance is warm, friendly, more relaxed and welcoming. The place is conducive for bonding, getting together with friends and family where they can be themselves. The designs are young, fun, modern yet timeless. All touchpoints were made interesting enough to keep them coming back.

Cabrera notes the concept is just a first step to creating our global identity as it opens up to a broader market. The combination of styles used is something that all ages can relate to (young, middle-aged and even the old ones)

The design was conceptualized by W. Lopez Designs, currently top of mind when it comes to industrial and mid-century modern design. Its services include interior design, creative interior branding, space planning, styling for photo shoots,lighting design, and interior consultation for both commercial and residential spaces.


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