Google released a Doodle to mark the country’s national and local elections

Google has released a Doodle today in the Philippines to mark the country’s national and local elections and urge Filipinos to vote to make their voices heard. 

The 2022 Philippine elections will decide the country’s next president and vice president, along with senators, house representatives, and local government officials. 

Aside from the Doodle, Google is helping promote COMELEC’s Election Day reminders through a featured hyperlink on the Search homepage. This will redirect people to the Vote SAFE Pilipinas’ step-by-step voting guide which includes a reminder to observe health and safety protocols.  

In the past, Google released local Doodles to celebrate important events and figures in the country such as the Philippine Independence DaySeverino ReyesPacita AbadDolphy, and more!  

Have your say in the country’s future by voting today! Search on Google to always stay informed.

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