Why having a business website is crucial for growth

GoDaddy Inc, today shared how having your own website and online store can help a business grow at the GoDaddy’s ‘Make a Different Future Webinar’ 

When it comes to the digital marketplace, it’s not enough for small businesses to only capture the attention of consumers. They need to connect them easily to a direct point of sale opportunity on their website. Channels like social media can get consumers to review products and services, yet for purchasing it can be helpful to drive them directly to the business’ own website and online store. 

According to the GoDaddy 2020 Global Entrepreneurship Survey, Filipino entrepreneurs are looking to learn more about digital technologies that can help drive sales for their businesses. Forty three percent (43%) of survey respondents say they are interested in having a website, while 38% said they are interested in e-commerce portals.         

Small business owners who have taken the leap in creating their own business website, acknowledge capturing the attention of customers and more easily driving them to a point of sale. 

“Having a website is like having your own pond. It’s easier to fish for customers captivated by your site,” said Pearl De Guzman, founder of Staffz, an online outsourcing company specializing in content and winner of last year’s AXN and GoDaddy’s reality show Project GO

As one of the speakers at GoDaddy’s Make a Different Future Webinar, De Guzman said that investing in a business website not only serves as a virtual storefront, it also makes it easier for customers to find you amid the internet noise. 

“When people search for you online, it’s your website that they’re going to see first, so it’s crucial that you invest in things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help make your website come up on top of online search results. GoDaddy easily integrates this with their tools, I was amazed at how convenient that is to have SEO built right in,” added De Guzman. 

For Tina Lagdameo, co-owner of My Honest Junk, an online healthy snack food shop, while she integrates her business website with the use of other channels, including social media to promote her products, her business website remains the main platform where customers are directed towards. 

“The website is our hero platform, where we have control over the design and experience, and the ability to manage inventory and share information about current promotions to help customers make purchases and keep them coming back,” said Lagdameo who was also one of the speakers at GoDaddy’s ‘Make a Different Future Webinar’ 

She adds that the online store on her website “has been a key driver to our overall sales. Unlike other platforms, there are less limitations on how much we can put in our inventory and customers also get to understand our brand story since their focus is solely on our website.” 

Lagdameo also shared that as her business expanded, she relied on GoDaddy’s tech support, GoDaddy Guides, to help her navigate updates she was making on her business website.

Another point raised at the GoDaddy’s ‘Make a Different Future Webinar’  is the importance of website security.  “Cyber attackers often use automated tools and all websites are equal potential targets, no matter with how big or small the company.

Ensuring that your website has security tool protections, like an SSL Certificate, can go a long way in protecting the transmission of personal information and building trust with your customers for your business website,” shared Norman Barrientos, GoDaddy Marketing Director for Southeast Asia. “GoDaddy offers a variety of SSL Certificates and website security services to help small business owners protect their business website.” 

“In addition, our GoDaddy Guides are trained to explain and walk customers through the different tools they need to create and maintain their websites. Often, it only takes talking them through the steps, to help build confidence in navigating the tools even if they don’t feel they are tech-savvy,” said Barrientos. 

GoDaddy offers a variety of online tools for website and e-commerce portal creation including GoDaddy Websites + Marketing and GoDaddy E-Store. Launched earlier this year, GoDaddy E-Store has over 1,500 templates to choose from, as well as integrated digital marketing and security tools to support an online store. 

To find out more about how GoDaddy how can help your business, log on to ph.GoDaddy.com

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