Global Academy: Where chef dreams come true

 The dream of creating the ultimate dish or simply the love of food inspires many to embark on culinary adventures and become world-famous chefs. After all, who doesn’t appreciate food? But culinary mastery requires passion and practice, as all art forms do.

While cooking is a necessary skill for households, the culinary arts takes it up a step further by turning ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. A culinary career transforms the preparation of food into a lifestyle that’s full of flavors, tastes, and discoveries.

“The culinary industry is a highly competitive field,” said Chef Rob Pengson, co-founder and CEO of Global Academy. Like serious professionals, it is important for chefs to be well-versed in their role, according to Pengson. “Managing a kitchen isn’t like what it used to be. With the evolving knowledge, techniques and technology, chefs must create an edge and a wonderful experience that people can share and keep coming back to.”

Culinary schools like Global Academy provide aspiring chefs a strong foundation with technique and application. As the first school to be recognized by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), Global Academy sets high standards for culinary education, and its students and chefs are recognized internationally.

While most elite culinary schools are very costly, the academy caters to a broader market and aims to strengthen and transform the Philippines’ culinary talent pool.

“Global Academy strives to innovate the culinary arts,” said Chef Benjamin Ledesma, Jr., Global Academy co-founder and chief financial officer. “We heavily focus on techniques, both the traditional and modern. Modern techniques use science to perfect food to be the most delicious and technically exquisite as possible.”

The academy’s instructors received their formal education and built expertise locally and abroad. Ledesma studied Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu, Australia and took up wine studies in Adelaide, Australia. He also has a degree in Restaurant Management. His work experience consists of cooking and restaurant management at Westin, Hilton and Rushcutters Bay Hotels in Australia.

Pengson is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, and the Asian Institute of Management with a degree in Entrepreneurship. With 12 years of work experience from the United States, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines, he aims to promote modern gastronomy in the local culinary industry.

With their combined expertise in international and local cuisines, these Global Academy chefs bring superior value to the culinary education in the Philippines. Global Academy has branches in Las Piñas, Makati, Pasig and Quezon City that offer short courses on baking and pastry arts, culinary arts, and a combination of both.


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