For the price of a cheese burger, you can double your PLDT Home internet speed! Here’s how!

For someone who lives in Novaliches and used to work in Makati, the option to work from home was one of the few welcome changes brought about by the lockdown series during the pandemic.

Now that things are going back to normal and companies are encouraging workers to return to their offices, it’s a good thing many businesses still continue to adopt the hybrid setup, giving their employees more flexibility to choose where to work.

But when you are living with a family that has kids also studying from home, someone binge-watching on House of Dragon or another Lionsgate Play series all day, or have an aspiring gamer who screams every time his game lags, the challenge is to make sure your internet can keep up with the demands of every family member.

Like it or not having fast internet has become just as important as our other utilities. I can actually last a day or two without water (as we have water containers) but I cannot imagine a day without internet at home.

That’s why choosing an ISP that’s been recognized as the fastest and can give you the best value for money–and not just hype– is important. We’ve been a PLDT Home customer even before pre-Fiber days and though I’ve tried other providers in the past, they just couldn’t match what PLDT Home offers in terms of speed and value.

I remember starting out with the most basic PLDT Home subscription. I think it was just the 1Mbps plan, but I would always be on the lookout whenever they’d offer speed boosts or plan upgrades. As they say, you can never have enough speed, especially with the growing bandwidth needs of the family (even my senior parents are always online).

My partner and I are bloggers and content creators, so having a fast internet connection is crucial. We need it when downloading large files, keeping our websites updated and for uploading new content to our social media pages.

Since I also do gadget reviews, sometimes there would be more than 10 devices connected at the same time. Add to that my two nephews who have online classes and my dad who’s always on YouTube. Before our Fiber upgrade, there were times when we had to watch very late in the evening just so we could enjoy uninterrupted streaming. 

Well, if you’ve been planning to upgrade your internet subscription, the good news is that PLDT Home is offering an Easy Speedboost for a limited time!

And you can double your internet speed for as low as P50 per month—Yup! That’s just the price of a cheeseburger!

Easy Speedboost is a new offer from PLDT Home that empowers subscribers to boost their speed as they please giving them a more affordable option.

Depending on your current plan, you can get faster internet speeds for Php 50 or Php 100 monthly add-on. This is such a good deal than getting a regular upgrade. In comparison, say from Plan 1699 to Plan 2099 you have to pay and additional of P400 every month. When you sign up for the PLDT Home Easy Speedboost, you only have to pay P50!

I’ve already signed up for the Easy Speedboost and our internet just got noticeably faster. Allowing us to work more efficiently during the day and watch our favorite series with less buffering at night.

The whole family get to enjoy unlimited online games and dad’s YouTube-time even when we have multiple Zoom meetings or online classes.

Now, I might just finally be able to pursue other content platforms like maybe do Livestreams or podcasts.

I tell you, it going to be the best P50 /P100 you’ll ever spend.

Ready to get that Easy SpeedBoost?

It’s actually very easy to upgrade. If you get an actual SMS or Viber message received from PLDT Home with sender ID of PLDT Upgrade all you have to do is reply YES to the SMS or Viber message to agree to the add-on offer to be charged on your monthly bill.

You can also call 171, or send a message thru PLDT Cares, SSCs, online at (

PLDT Home Easy Speedboost customers will also get 50 Rewards crystals equivalent to 10 raffle entries in the PLDT Home Grand Giveaway with a chance to win P5 million in the grand draw. Just make sure that you are a registered PLDT Home Rewards member.

Don’t miss out on this limited time offer and know more about PLDT Home’s Easy Speedboost visiting

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