Experience Bliss, Live in Style at Bern Baguio

Nestled amidst the captivating embrace of cascading lush pine forests and the invigorating mountain climate, Baguio City captivates with its unique allure and delightful charm.

Photo by Gian Paul Guinto on Unsplash

From the moment you set foot in this enchanting destination, a distinct sense of bliss and mystic charm envelops you, offering an idyllic and modern escape that is both tranquil and thrilling. Whether you seek respite from the scorching heat of the metropolis or a break from the monotony of everyday life, Baguio City never fails to entice, beckoning you to return time and time again.

Beyond its cool weather and breathtaking vistas along the winding roads of the Cordillera Mountain Range, Baguio City boasts an abundance of attractions that leave a lasting impression. Its vibrant culture continues to captivate both local and foreign visitors, cementing its position as the beloved “City of Pines.”

New and unique experiences year-round

Expect to revel in new and unique experiences every time you go to Baguio.

Its thriving homegrown restaurant scene will satisfy any craving you might have—whether you’re in the mood for Italian, American, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Filipino cuisine or for some locally crafted beers and a piping hot chocolate drink. Brave the night market to score for yourself amazing pre-loved clothing, bags, and shoes or to simply enjoy street food.

Immerse yourself in the local art scene by visiting museums and art galleries here and in surrounding towns. You can also unwind and let loose at Baguio’s most famed attractions, like Burnham Park, or indulge in the revelries of the festivals here as well.

It’s thus easy to understand why Baguio City never fails to amaze anyone who comes its way.

Swiss-inspired oasis

Soon, Baguio City will no longer just be a weekend getaway.

A quaint community is rising on the idyllic side of Baguio, offering a beautiful escape inspired by the picturesque capital city of Switzerland. It will undoubtedly prompt many discerning homebuyers and investors to get their hands on this Swiss-inspired oasis.

Bern, a four-tower high-end condominium development by Brittany Corp., will let you enjoy all the niceties and peculiarities of Baguio City while enabling you to enjoy the luxury and sophistication of a Swiss mountain lifestyle. This aspirational address will soon offer the same kind of Alpine paradise that the luxury residential arm of the country’s largest homebuilder Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc. has done for Tagaytay with the 100-ha Crosswinds, where you can find beautiful themed neighborhoods set amid over 35,000 towering pine trees.

Brittany’s first high-end condominium project in the City of Pines will undoubtedly emerge as a gem for many looking to revel in Baguio’s City’s tranquil, relaxing vibe all year.

Unique peak experiences

Beyond that, however, Bern is bringing to Baguio exclusive, unrivaled experiences thanks to a host of curated lifestyle features, world-class facilities, and amenities at the peak of the four towers.

Time with family and friends becomes extra meaningful at the Eiger Tower, where you can find an imaginative, dedicated space featuring Jacuzzis and family lounges. It’s a perfect spot to relax and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Those aspiring to keep their health in check and lead an active lifestyle will find their favorite amenities—including a gym, sauna, yoga, and pilates studio—at the Alpstein Tower.

Appenzell Tower gives you access to expansive mountain views and an entertainment space with a game room, view decks, lounges, and a fire pit that can be used exclusively by residents of Bern. Function rooms here can accommodate the residents’ private events and intimate celebrations.

Relax and appreciate nature at Via Nassa Tower, where you can find an indoor-outdoor bar, view deck, Jacuzzi, lounges, and fire pits. Get on the view deck to have a picturesque view of the city while enjoying the company of family and friends.

Spacious units

Those looking to find a second home in Bern can choose from any of its spacious, flexible units. Whether you go for the 46-sqm one-bedroom suite, the 51-sqm one-bedroom corner suite, or the 101-sqm two-bedroom suite, you will enjoy Baguio’s sweeping mountain views or city skyline from every angle of your room.

What makes Bern more exclusive and private is the fact that there will only be four to eight units per floor, making it one of the most premium, low-density developments in Baguio.

Bern Baguio will undoubtedly be a luxurious indulgence, a great, sweet escape you can enjoy all year.

For more information on Brittany Corporation’s collection of luxury properties, visit www.brittany.com.ph. You may also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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