Epson appoints new Country Manager

Epson recently announced the appointment of a new Country Manager for Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC). Effective last July 1, Mr. Toshimitsu Tanaka took the helm of EPC.

Toshimitsu Tanaka

Mr. Tanaka’s 32-year experience from global headquarters Seiko-Epson Corporation (SEC) in Japan and other Epson subsidiaries, as well as his goal-oriented approach in achieving targets is seen as a positive leverage to the growing Epson presence in the Philippines.  As Country Manager of EPC, Mr. Tanaka‘s mandate is to further strengthen the Epson brand, create new business models to fit the local requirement, and achieve the overall goal of double sales turnover within three to five years.

To introduce the new Japanese Executive to the Philippine media, EPC held a special “meet-and greet” prior to the Epson “Printer Evolution: Exceed Your Expectations” launch event held at the Ballroom A of the Manila Marriott Hotel on Newport City Complex.

At the event, Mr. Tanaka said that he views his new assignment as a big opportunity for him and Epson, because of the admirable Filipino character he personally witnessed during his initial months in the country. “I have seen how strong Filipinos are — with your ready smiles even in the middle of calamities like what happened a month ago. The world looks up to your “bayanihan” spirit that is present in both good times and bad times.” According to the new EPC Chief, this Filipino trait is already a good leverage in accomplishing many goals.

He also expressed his commitment to closely engage media friends of Epson for valued insights on how the company can drive its commitment to best serve our Filipino customers.

“Building on the successes under Nakamura-san’s leadership, we at EPC hope to continue strengthening customer engagement processes to facilitate better customer satisfaction. We also hope to continue the double-digit growths in both the printer and projector businesses that made the Philippines a strong contributor to Epson business goals in the region,” Mr. Tanaka elaborated.

Aside from the meet-and greet, Mr. Tanaka also led the unveiling of another landmark in printer history with the launch of the  new Epson L-series ink tank system printers, the pioneer and only one of its kind in the market.

“I am glad that one of my very first projects as the new Country Manager of EPC is the introduction of these new and improved L-series printers for the Filipino customers. This launch ranks high among important activities to serve the goals of strengthening the Epson brand, creating new business models to fit the local requirement,” Mr. Tanaka concluded.

Mr. Tanaka, who is married with two children, enjoys golf, baseball and skiing. Prior to his Philippine assignment, Mr. Tanaka was the General Manager of Imaging Products Sales & Marketing Support Department at the Seiko Epson Corporation (SEC) in Japan.

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