Divas Lani Misalucha and Morissette share their stories through music at the Solaire

What started out as a very light Q&A session suddenly became emotional after Lani Misalucha was asked to give her advice to a younger  Morissette Amon.   “Meron tayong mga priorities sa buhay, if you think that this is something you want to do for the next several years and do it, because this is what you love,” Lani began.

“Kasi sa akin, iba ang naging priority ko talaga nung bago pa ako sa industry, iba na yung priority ko sa buhay. May pamilya na ako when I got into show business, so yun yung talagang inuna ko, which was to nurture my family. Hindi ko talaga, ano ang tawag mo doon? Hindi ko talaga binulusok nang todo-todo.”

“It was good that I was able to balance both worlds, yung sa ‘yo [Morissette], since hindi mo siguro priority ang magkaroon ng relationship at this time. And I don’t think anytime soon you want to get married dahil wala naman, then, go ahead. I-mold mo po ang ‘yong craft at iyong talent, and I’m telling you, you already are a very good artist and you’re going a long away. You’re gonna go a long way, it’s just, never, never forget, uh, bakit nagka-crack ang boses ko?”

It was at this point that Lani’s voice began to get teary-eyed, “Hindi talaga, never forget ….that was given to you,  God gave you that, all of us, all of our talents, all of our skills, are given from heaven. “It was given to us, and anytime it can go away. It can be taken away from you in a snap. So, you just gonna be grateful and always acknowledge the One who gave you that.

“You have to be grateful all the time, and especially you, especially you. Now that you’re traveling, you always have to ask for guidance and protection. That you always be safe in everything that you do.” Minsan kasi masyado na akong busy… nalilimutan ko na, na ‘Teka muna, hindi na ako,’ alam mo yun? “Minsan unti-unti ka nang lumalakad away from the One that you have to give priority too, ganoon. “Nangyayari yun, e, sana lang, hindi talaga dire-diretso makalimot, yung ganoon kasi nangyari na sa akin yun.“Nakakahiya lang hindi mo ma-acknowledge Yung nagbigay sa atin ng biyaya, yun lang naman.” Lani explained.

The musical journeys of these two Divas will cross paths as they unfold at The Theatre at Solaire on September 22 and 23, 2018. Lani Misalucha and Morissette Amon are set to tell their stories in their concert entitled “A Lani Morissette – Musical Journey”, as they sing a medley of unexpected song choices that showcase their versatility, vocal range, and own style of performance.

Solaire, known for being a champion of Filipino artists, showcases the evolution of Original Pilipino Music (OPM). “Lani and Morissette are on different stages of their musical journey. Lani is at the pinnacle of her career while, Morissette is still venturing into hers.” says Audie Gemora, Solaire’s Director for Entertainment.

Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha moved to the United States in 2000 and began performing in various Las Vegas hotel and casino properties, gaining the name “New Siren of the Strip”. The veteran singer, reaching the high point of her Philippine success, made the bold move to spread her wings wider to only shine brighter under the City of Lights. She is known by many for her high-octave vocal range, and iconic songs such as “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko”, “Tunay na Mahal”, “Araw-Araw, Gabi-Gabi” and “Bukas Nalang Kita Mamahalin”. She is back for a short while to visit family and to fulfill commitments here in the Philippines. “I immediately said yes when I was presented this concert with Morissette.” she shares. “For me, she’s one of the most talented young Filipino artists right now. Aside from that, she’s really a wonderful person and I’m excited to work with her and for this project.”

The young Morissette Amon started in Cebu and made it to Manila’s rigorous talent shows where big voices dominate and are always in fierce competition. After countless attempts at victory, she rose from the ashes like a phoenix to claim her rightful place. She recently reached a milestone with her first solo concert, “Morissette is Made” held at the Big Dome, and is now being toured around the world. She rose to stardom for her powerful vocal range catapulting her to become one of the country’s new generation of biriteras. “I wasn’t really sure what will happen after my concert, but I’m really grateful that I’ll be able to share the stage with Ms. Lani – one of the music icons I really look up to.” says Morissette. “I’m also very happy that we jive in so many ways. Not just in our singing style, but also our personalities.”

As for preparations, the two singers reveal where they are at in their respective careers. Being rather new under a bigger spotlight, Morissette admits that even though she has spent some time with Lani before, she still gets shy around her. “It’s important that when you’re collaborating with another artist, there is that rapport. I just tell myself that, ‘Sette, you can do this. Don’t be shy.’” Lani, on the other hand says that she will have to prepare physically to keep up with the 22-year old. “I don’t have the same stamina that I used to when I was younger, so I really need to prepare myself.”

Despite the contrasts between both artists, they are on the same page when it comes to what they want their fans to experience. “We want to give them a show they’ll enjoy and remember. We included songs that we usually sing but, we also chose ones that aren’t expected for that surprise factor.” says Morissette. “After the concert, we want our fans to leave feeling good, and with them is the message that we want to convey: We all go through different journeys in life, but if we focus on the plans that we have, we can achieve them.” Lani adds.

“A Lani Morissette – Musical Journey” proves to be a story of reinvention that will relate to an audience that have their own challenges to face, and to inspire them to make the decisions that they fear to take.

For tickets to “A Lani Morissette – Musical Journey”, you can call Ticketworld at 891-9999.


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