Diana Stalder gives more meaning to Valentines with “Let your love Flow” campaign

Diana Stalder, the skincare, beauty, and healthy lifestyle authority, continuously spreads love in the new-normal season of hearts as it celebrates Valentine’s Day differently yet more meaningfully this year.

Diana Stalder is inviting its customers to “Let Your Love Flow” this Valentine’s Day and share the love to fellow Filipinos affected by the ongoing pandemic by helping provide one of the most basic needs—access to clean water.

For the whole month of February, every purchase of dS products worth Php 2,500 will fund a unit of a Water Purifier, which will be donated to a family that cannot afford to buy purified water.

Clean water advocacy

This effort is picking up from the Stalder Group’s previous ‘Clean Water for Every Juan’ project that it launched in December 2020. The program donated Water Purifier units to families in distressed communities that were severely affected by the devastation of Typhoon Ulysses in November.

“Now, more than ever, instant access to clean and safe water is most critical to the health of every Filipino family,” Stalder Group Founder, President and CEO Dina Dela Paz Stalder emphasized.  

“The economic impact of the new normal is depriving numerous households of access to good health due to scarcity or lack of clean water.  So Diana Stalder is inviting everyone to team up with us in spreading love to our fellowmen through this cause,” she added.

The need for clean water

Based on latest data released by UNICEF Philippines, 80 percent of the country’s poor communities have access to basic water services.  However, because about 20 percent of the national population still lack basic sanitation facilities, the quality and safety of potable water are still compromised. Water.org estimates that about 5 million Filipinos remain reliant on unsafe and unsustainable water sources.

This remains a pressing health concern as more people (especially the younger ones) remain at risk of diseases brought about by contaminated drinking water especially in impoverished communities. Clean water is also important during these times when people need to frequently wash their hands to fight the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

“While many local households can spare portions of their budget to buy purified, distilled, or mineral water, there are still those that are having a hard time to even make ends meet. Diana Stalder is supporting the patriotic call to ensure that no one gets left behind. In our small, yet significant way, we can help make sure every family will get past this crisis with good health and disposition,” Dela Paz said.

Visit Diana Stalder’s Gateway Mall clinic in Quezon City to purchase skincare products and services. Health and safety protocols are strictly observed.

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