Crocs Duet Sport: This comfy clog is a real toughie

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The Classic Crocs Clogs are Back!

There are countless reasons why people fall for clogs. Some may find their eye-catching style unfathomable, but for the clog loyalists, it’s all about the character.

People go for the clog because it represents a fluid personality. You can go out on the town today, or chill out at home tomorrow, then head to the beach the next day. It defines how a clog-inclined person can easily slip on a pair, and just go for the ride.

This season, Crocs comes out with its latest rendition of the Duet clogs designed for rough adventures. This style has been known for its uncompromising comfort on the inside, and a tough shell on the outside for enhanced durability; going for two functions in one pair.
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But Crocs has once again raised the bar on its durability standards by giving it a sporty twist. The all-new, ruggedly designed Crocs  Duet Sport comes with the distinctive tread pattern sole with deep grooves that can grip just about any type of terrain.

Since comfort is non-negotiable for the brand, the Duet Sport is made with dual-density technology to ensure two things: a tougher outer shell, and a lasting comfortable soft footbed. It’s slip-on-and-off feature takes out the nuisance in wearing and removing closed shoes. It’s just a basic wear and go, nothing more, nothing less.

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In a tropical city like Manila, where a lot of walking is also involved, there is a need for sturdy practical footwear that can go from day to night, on wet and dry surfaces. The Duet Sport also lets your feet breathe with its ventilation ports; and does not add too much weight when you need to walk all day.

Wearing comfortable and durable footwear can take you a long way, because in most instances, you can do more things in day when you’re at ease with your choice of shoes.

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